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Close may refer to:
Close (surname)

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  1. cigars

    Oregon lawmakers take up bill to close gun sale loophole

    Straight from the mealy mouths at OPB Communist broadcasting network. Why not for the sake of eliminating the backlog they just run a check on CHL holders that comes back valid or invalid? CHL holders are already BGC'd so unless it's revoked they should be good to go. Those who don't have a...
  2. ma96782

    Seattle is helping to close Grocery Stores

    Yup....passing a new law requiring "Grocery Stores" to pay an extra $4 an hour as "Hazard Pay". QFC (so far). But how will the new law also affect the local Winco or Safeway? Of...
  3. sagia308

    OMG(178) yards 3 pistols can it be done tz 75 almost hit plate phoenix close

    well the ruger sr 40m failed big time? but the tz 75 9mm did good phoenix group fine also
  4. sagia308

    145 yards 22lr rough rider 2 hits plate noricio hit bottle twice canik close

    over all nice day at the range
  5. D

    Northwest  Now is the time to donate in close races

    If you are in Oregon, you get a 100% tax credit for donating up to $50 per person, $100 per couple. Find races with pro-2A candidates that were in "close" districts last year. For example, in Oregon House district 26, Peggy Stevens (R) is challenging incumbent Courtney Neron (D). In 2018...
  6. JustSomeGuy

    Fixed  Using Backspace and Enter key cause keyboard to close on mobile.

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Android version 10 Any time I'm typing in the text field to compose or reply to a thread and hit either the backspace key or the enter key it closes the keyboard. Oddly, it doesn't do that when I'm typing in the text field to compose the title. :s0092:
  7. Red98422

    Mary’s pistols (Tacoma) to close down soon.

    Just seen it on FB, due to medical situations Mary’s will be closing it’s doors soon (TBA). It is a sad day as not only was this a fantastic and well loved location (bought my first pistol here). It also leaves only one gun store in Tacoma.
  8. oldcorpgunny

    How Close?

    How close would you let a potential assailant come before you defended yourself from the threat? It's a subject that we all should think about. Studies indicate that most shootings take place at between 7 and 10 feet. Yet, at the range, I see lots of folks with their targets at the extreme rear...
  9. C

    Answered  How do I close up the private message thing

    leave it closed or shut down for a temporary basis or longer and/or have a message go to an email account and NOT on the forum IF I should decide to do that? I have tried to adjust a whole bunch of other settings on my account and I can't FIND the link or button for that PM or direct message...
  10. Basedgreaser

    Close engraver for sbr

    Anyone know who does engraving nearest to castle rock wa? Just got my first stamp approved yesterday
  11. C

    Does anyone have any extra CCI large rifle or CCI Small Rifle Mag primers close to me

    Like the title says. Does anyone have any CCI Large Rifle primers or any CCI Small Rifle Magnum primers somewhat locally to me that they don't wanna gouge me on prices? Surprisingly I can't seem to find any locally. Bimart has Winchester Large rifle primers in both standard and magnum but...
  12. D

    Dad's gun (not quite, but close enough)!

    The Smith & Wesson Model 19 is, in my estimation, the finest combat revolver ever made, for law enforcement, military, and personal defense uses. This is not my opinion alone – I’m backed up by a couple guys; 1. Bill Jordan, and 2. My dad. Since these gentlemen were tougher than you could ever...
  13. C

    Any good spots close to Vancouver, Wa?

    I have been to the Larch mountain ranges and I am wondering if there are any more spots that are closer that are around 100 yards or so. Just looking to get some target practice in with my .40
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