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  1. B

    medium rings 40mm too close?

    Just put on medium height rings on Browning T Bolt. Does this look to close to the barrel? Only a few mm from the barrel.
  2. ilikegunspdx

    Video: 22 pistol close range vs realistic ballistic dummy

    skip to 9:30 mark if just want to see up close head shots
  3. tallfoo

    Oregon  Transfer firearm to close family

    So, I read the law for Oregon and I am legally allowed to transfer a firearm to a close family member without going through an FFL. My mother is considering buying a firearm from me. Where it gets tricky is that she lives in Washington. Do we need to get an FFL involved for this transfer if she...
  4. Murdoc

    Automatic closing classifieds? Close your ads people!

    Could we consider automatically closing ads that are not tended to. Maybe a required bump every two weeks to stay active? There are more ads for sold rifles or non responsive posters than active ones.
  5. Caveman Jim

    >>>•<<< This Close to turning Blue

    Well folks, with all the downtime this winter and my boat motor needing attention, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Reloading room. I almost had a revelation to turn blue. By that I mean I was >>>•<<< this close to investing in a Dillon XL 650 from the classifieds. Say it ain’t so...
  6. sagia308

    SKS sporter 40 round mag test! jam 1 round? at *492* yards close to plate fatigue showing

    tired u see its showed and the sun was glaring in my scope i need a extended shade for the lens
  7. arakboss

    If you or a close family member had symptomatic Covid, what treatments were you offered?

    For those who have experienced covid with symptoms what treatments were you offered by your doctor? Did they work to help alleviate your symptoms?
  8. RobMa

    Build Thread  Refinishing/smith work ak47 in Seattle or close surrounding areas

    Refinishing ak47/smith work in Seattle or close surrounding areas Looking to have some light AK specific gunsmithing and refinish work done to a couple of Yugo under folders so I can sell them. Any input would be helpful Thanks Rob
  9. T

    Anyone close to JetCity Harley in Renton?

    Anyone over in that area close to that Harley ? 3715 E Valley Rd, Renton, WA, USA They have an air filter cover part I need that is not available online, and they won’t let me pay for it over the phone. Trying to not have to drive from Tri Cities if someone can help! I’ll send you cash thru any...
  10. Lennie

    Yahoo News Former police officer Eric Adams close to winning NYC mayoral race as ranked-choice votes are tallied

    This is big news. Eric Adams campaign centered on supporting police and cracking down on criminals.
  11. cigars

    Oregon  Oregon lawmakers take up bill to close gun sale loophole

    Straight from the mealy mouths at OPB Communist broadcasting network. Why not for the sake of eliminating the backlog they just run a check on CHL holders that comes back valid or invalid? CHL holders are already BGC'd so unless it's revoked they should be good to go. Those who don't have a...
  12. ma96782

    Seattle is helping to close Grocery Stores

    Yup....passing a new law requiring "Grocery Stores" to pay an extra $4 an hour as "Hazard Pay". QFC (so far). But how will the new law also affect the local Winco or Safeway? Of...
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