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  1. Reno

    22 dope, trustworthy? NRL22 TCGC

    I’m going to try NRL22 this February. Been doing my homework a bit so I don’t absolutely tank it. Im curious to hear what others do to prep. This months COF looks fun and the distances aren’t always known at TCGC as it has a longer range. Sounds like Dave sets up at least one stage as option...
  2. Hueco

    Training for NRL22

    I’m looking to do some NRL coming up here and am wondering what training and drills one would do to better prepare?
  3. grapo13


    I have been shooting a monthly NRL22 match in clatskanie, driving up from monmouth area. I was told that tri-county gun club in sherwood was going to start a NRL22 match there. Have any of you members heard anything about this?
  4. ricksmunn

    Bergara B-14 Rimfire 22lr

    With the release of the new Bergara B-14 R I thought I would be good to get a thread started about it. It looks like an incredible rifle that is perfect for precision 22lr competitions like NRL22 and others. I have been shooting PRS for several years and have been wanting a good 22lr to use as a...
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