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The CZ 455 is a series of magazine-fed bolt-action rimfire repeating rifle manufactured by the Czech firearms manufacturer Česká Zbrojovka Uherský Brod (abbreviated "CZ-UB", English: Czech Weapons Factory — Uherský Brod) and imported into the United States by CZ-USA. It is a successor of the highly popular CZ 452 rifles, and is chambered for the .22 LR (1:16" twist rate), .22 WMR (1:16" twist) and .17 HMR (1:9" twist) calibers.
The CZ 455 is produced with new manufacturing technology capable of closer tolerances for improved accuracy and smoother operation. All CZ 455s have hammer-forged, hand-lapped steel barrels, a trigger that is adjustable for weight of pull, and the capability to interchange barrels in different contours and calibers by simply removing two set screws from the receiver.

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