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cz 455

  1. NCW_Robert

    new CZ 455 Thumbhole Stainless

    Ever want something but can't have it? Searching "the google" and found this above... Cool new CZ 455 Thumbhole Stainless but seems it is only available in the EU? C,MON CZ bring it over to this side of the pond please. ;) Any CZ dealers out there? Please contact your CZ distributor and...
  2. B

    CZ 455 .17HMR/.22 Combo

    Varmint season is coming. Bolt action. Blued steel. Walnut stock. Box magazine fed. This is not a cheap production plastic .22. The quality and accuracy are well known to those who would be interested in this particular rifle. One trip to the range only. Have two quick detach scope...
  3. bogeycentral

    Custom CZ 455 Varmint .22LR 20” bull barrel

    After much waffling on whether to sell this rifle, I’ve decided to put it up for sale, and try something else. This rifle is in excellent condition and has only had 150 rounds of sub sonic ammo through the barrel. It started off as a CZ Varmint and has since had a new Boyds Tactical stock added...
  4. bogeycentral

    CZ 455 or Tikka T1x ??

    For those that have the new Tikka T1x, do you see any discernible improvement over the CZ 455? Reason I ask, is that I recently picked up a CZ, and before I go furterndown the rabbit hole of building it, I was curious on input. In all likelihood, I will likely not change the barrel on it to a...
  5. bogeycentral

    WTS OR  CZ 455 Walnut Stock - Factory

    Up for sale is a CZ 455 walnut stock that I took off my rifle. Never used it and it is in great condition with the exception of a small ding as seen in the photos. $75 located in Wilsonville
  6. bogeycentral

    Best CZ 455 stocks?

    Looking to go away from the factory walnut CZ stock and am interested in picking up either a higher end stock or chassis setup? Mainly looking at the KRG, Manners, McMillan, McCrees or even a Boyd’s which would clearly require bedding & pillar work. Looked at the MDT briefly but lack of a longer...
  7. bogeycentral

    WTB OR  CZ 455 stock

    Looking to buy in Oregon or Washington a CZ 455 stock preferably a KRG, Manners, McMillan or McCrees. Interested to see what is out there locally.
  8. J

    WTT OR  CZ 455 Heavy Barrel 22LR - Medford

    SOLD: want to trade CZ 455 heavy barrel 22LR with bipod and Leapers scope. Beautiful condition. Located in Medford. Open to trade offers for long guns, handguns. Pics via text or email. Local area trades only please - will not travel or ship.
  9. amnesiac503

    Issues installing new bolt handle on CZ 455

    Ok so I went to install my new Glades Armory bolt handle on my CZ 455. Got the bolt disassembled and the new bolt handle on, finally was able to get the safety selector back in. I rotated the bolt handle around the bolt and now it is stuck, it won't rotate and the bolt wont insert all the way...
  10. B

    WTS WA  CZ 455 American and Varmint .22 LR Barrels

    Selling the two .22 LR barrels from my CZ 455 that are in great condition. One jis the American contour and one is the Varmint contour, that have about 200 rounds through each. Both have standard unthreaded muzzles. Both barrels are shooters that will group under .5" (sub moa at 50 yds all...