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  1. Cerberus Group

    Precision Rifle Course and Jon Pynch

    Yesterday's Precision Rifle Course was a huge success!! The Fundamentals of shooting (Stance, Grip, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Trigger Press, Breathing and Follow Through) are not mental, they are all physical...so should be called fundaPHYSICALS. Whereas, the actual fundaMENTALS of...
  2. Cerberus Group

    Cerberus Training Group - Precision Rifle June 30

    If you are looking to up your shot control game with your rifle, check this out. This is not a ballistics or bench shooting course, this is about shot control in less than stable positions in high stress environments. When you understand the science presented in this course, you will know HOW...
  3. Cerberus Group

    Cerberus Training Group - Precision Rifle June 22 & 23

    ShotIQ in action...a 60 yard shot on a balloon...with a long bow. ShotIQ Owner/Operator Joel Turner will be at the Ceberus Training Group facility Sunday the 30th, for a one day Precision Rifle course. Joel is the current sniper trainer for the SWAT school in Washington State. He uses the...
  4. M

    Need help from bolt gun guys with experience shooting practically / competition

    Hey All! I'm looking to get into precision rifles. This will be my first toe-dip into this specific pond as it were. I've shot shotguns, semi-auto rifles and pistols for years for fun, hunting and some competitions. I am a LEFTY, and while I am STILL on an epic quest to find the best lefty...
  5. Cerberus Group

    Cerberus Training Group - Precision Rifle

    Precision Rifle one day classes; June 22 and 23 2019. 200.00 Controlled Process Shooting Precision Rifle Course 300 Rounds both rifle and pistol Have you ever rushed a shot with your rifle? Can you predict your own future in shot control for your next precision shot? If you fire a perfectly...
  6. Reno

    I always thought 338lm was a cool round.

    Ruger is killing the market. RPRs in 300win and 338lm. Cool! If only I really really needed something that big.
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