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  1. fxdc

    New OBS holster from Ted BlockerBlocker

    I love good Old School Leather, I had them modify one of their holsters to fit my Kimber Micro 9. Got it yesterday and I'm very pleased with it. I have several holsters from them and have never been disappointed. This rides high and tight , adjustable cant, and Cocked and Locked thumb break.
  2. fxdc

    New Ted Blocker Kimber Micro 9 Holster!!!

    Stopped by Ted Blocker Holsters a couple weeks ago to see what he might have for my Kimber Micro 9. I wanted an OSB with a thumb break for Cocked and Locked carry in OLD SCHOOL LEATHER. Turned out he had nothing. But was ready to add one to their product line. So after choosing their DA-1...
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