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H (named aitch or, regionally, haitch , plural aitches) is the eighth letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

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  1. Alderman

    375 H&H

    I’ve never taken any game with the Model 70 375 H&H. I swapped out aLeupold 4x scope with a 2-7 and hopefully will take down an elk with it next year.
  2. D

    RDS survival on a .375 H&H?

    A buddy of mine has a Remington .375 H&H, it's kind of fun to shoot (once or twice :rolleyes:), but the sights are kind of low, and it's hard to get down on them. He's more than a little concerned about a scope in the face due to recoil, and like me, he likes red dots for those close/fast...
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