H (named aitch or, regionally, haitch , plural aitches) is the eighth letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

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  1. M

    Hornady .375 H&H dies, Hornady bullets

    Set of .375 dies $55 Boxes of .375 Hornady bullets. $55/box of 50 Also have lots of 7mm .30, .338 Let me know
  2. _Mule

    Rem 700 375 H&H Price Check please

    I'm looking to sell my Remington 700 375 H&H. I have about 30 factory rounds. 40 brass pieces, dies, 50 projectiles. It has a nice Leopold scope. I'm not sure what its worth. Any recommendations or offers?
  3. JRuby

    Can you make 375 H&H from 300 H&H

    I purchased a 375 H&H off gun broker - always wanted one. Problem now is I cant find the brass so my question is can you make 375 H&H from 300 H&H and how. It should headspace on the belt. I have formed lots of other cases but not this one.
  4. G

    Browning 300 H&H identification help

    I'm working on getting a few hunting rifles ready for sale. Can anyone help me identify what model Browning this is? It's .300 H&H caliber and the only identification that makes sense to me is L651 which doesn't come up with anything that I've found. This is an old gun, pre-serial numbers I...
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