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  1. P7M13

    Build Thread  Need some DPMS LR-308 build advice

    Hey, picked up an Aero M5 Receiver set from another outstanding member here. I'm using it to build a 7mm-08 rig. The barrel is on the way, drop in trigger, charging handle, BCG, etc. I need the handguard, forward assist mechanism, and "anti-walk" trigger pins. I'm not finding pins specified for...
  2. Coolhandluke

    LR-308 Firing pin bent.

    Hello all, I've been building a franken-308 for a long time now, and I have had nothing but problems. this rifle is quickly becoming my albatross. My most recent blunder is the firing pin bending towards the back of the pin. I am curious if anyone knows what may cause something like that. The...
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