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Identify this lever-gun?

My wife and children are down at my father's house for a family gathering. Whilst "face timing" last night, I spied this rifle behind said family. I plan to ask my father about it sometime, but am curious if anyone knows:

  • What this is? (Looks like a Winchester 1876 to my eyes.)
  • If it is a real rifle? (My father is a shooter too, but doesn't maintain a large collection.)
Thanks. :)



User 1234

Looks like a replica to me. All of the edge wear and fading is perfectly even, no spots and no discoloration where a person’s sweaty hand would have carried it.

Also, the barrel and mag tube usually wear much differently than the receiver, these are exactly the same color. Probably a spray on flat gray finish.
Thanks guys; my father normally tells me about new gun acquisitions and we both share a strong fondness for all things lever-gun, so I was surprised by that one. If it is merely decorative, that would explain his radio silence.



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