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So, this evening I acquired a Rossi Ranch Hand. They look like this:


In that factory-built state it is a "pistol", not NFA. Naturally, I have no intention of leaving it in said state. My plan is to:

  • Thread the barrel to ½ x 28 for use with a can.
  • File via eForms for a stamp to SBR said.
  • While waiting on los Federales, maybe replace the lever. I'm not sold on the hoop, though I am not sure.
  • After the .gov types approve my ability to exercise an enumerated right, and, naturally, take my two c-notes, engrave something metal on it with my trust info, and turn it into a the super small carbine I have in mind.
On the latter point, my options are:
  • Obtain a full length stock and fit it. Rossi won't sell me one direct, but they can be acquired elsewhere. Boyd's has an aftermarket stock.
  • Remove the stock, have a gunsmith add a few inches. Pay him/her for that, but I reassemble. (I'm told this is Kosher.)
  • Get really wacky and go with a metal worked extension I'm pondering, up to and including utilizing a spare Škorpion stock I found in a parts box. (I am quite silly these days, but this may be too far.).
  • (For the love of all that is holy, please no one mention an arm brace.)
Thoughts on the project, ideas on direction, and other wacky adventures? Muchas gracias amigos. :D
I like the idea of a ultra short barreled rifle concept...
Wood stock ....Large lever / standard lever , whichever you prefer...I'd then think about a rear sight mod...Maybe just a large wide "V" or "U" single "Express Rifle " style rear sight ...great for quick close range shots.. (100 yards or so )

Looking for to seeing the finished rifle.
Not a fan of rifle-pistols.
If I use a handgun to fight my way to my rifle. Then my rifle better not be a pistol. o_O

Now if you want it as a novelty? Or to go around import restrictions. As in the case of the swiss 550 rifles and the like. Then more power to you.
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Countrygent, where did you find the 38/357 mares leg anyways?

Your pretty good at finding the things I’ve been lucky enough not to find, because if I did, I’d buy them.
Countrygent, where did you find the 38/357 mares leg anyways?

Your pretty good at finding the things I’ve been lucky enough not to find, because if I did, I’d buy them.

I found a lightly used one on Gunbroker. I couldn't find any vendor selling a new one. (Well, at least in this country; there is one dealer in Canada that still has NIB specimens.)
"Remove the stock, have a gunsmith add a few inches. Pay him/her for that, but I reassemble. (I'm told this is Kosher.)"
How would a gunsmith add material to the existing stock? My degree is Professional Gunsmithing and I have no idea how I would do that.* A piece of wood could be shaped and attached, but it would be as ugly as a mud fence and structurally weak.
"Obtain a full length stock and fit it." If you want a carbine stock acquiring a rifle buttstock and fitting and cutting it to the desired length of pull is the only satisfactory way I can think of to do that. You would probably want a 'smith for this.

*Now, being so edjimucated I have a very specialized and sophisticated device that I fabricated in Gunsmithing School for just such an occasion. It's called a stock stretcher. I haven't patented it yet, but for the nominal sum of just $99.95 you can have one of these marvelous gunsmithing aids - Cash, check, or money order. Operators are standing by. Get yours now! ***Recover your initial investment on the first 2 jobs!!*** Brownell's will want at least $300 when you see it there. :D

I'm with Medic!. People who liked Josh Randall's gun will love this, but as a practical sidearm it doesn't make the cut no matter what you do to it. As a fun gun with no real purpose I get it.

Historical note: On the program Steve McQueen carried rifle rounds in the gun belt because it looked cool, but since the gun was a M92 it was in a pistol caliber.
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Well, the base gun came in. It sure is a little thing. The barrel is 12". Shown next to a ruler and playing card to indicate:


In the current guise, it is pretty much unusuable. Form 1 SBRed, it will be handy, sort of like the very short "Trapper" lever-action carbines of yesteryear.


my opinion would be to do form1 suppressor build and either permanently attach it to the rifle via a monocore or the outer tube and have removable baffles, then you only have 1 tax stamp and avoid making it an sbr that you cant bring accross state lines easily....it would be a rifle at that point...you can go from a pistol to a rifle no issue no paper work
I took a better pic of the base of the gun at my home office today. (The one above is from the office/workshop that, frankly, likely falls into the "urban decay" zone, though it works for my purposes, even if the locals are curious.)


I ran the build plan passed mi Esposita and she is most assuredly hip. Summer build underway. :D
So despite the great amount of craziness here (familial, career, and climatic unpleasantness), I ran up to the home range, and dumped a half-box of ammunition through this one on said patch. My previous analysis was most assuredly born out:

  • Totally, rock solid, reliable. No malfunction of any kind. Pleasant to shoot. And pretty damn smooth action.
  • Absolutely, and without reservation, totally worthless in the present form. F1/SBR, here we come.
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