"Freeze-Frame" is a song written by Seth Justman and Peter Wolf for the J. Geils Band. It was first released as the opening track on the chart-topping 1981 album of the same name. The song was released on a 45 in early 1982 as the second single from the album, following the million-selling US #1/UK #3 hit "Centerfold". The single's flip side, "Flamethrower", received airplay on urban contemporary radio stations throughout the United States, and reached #20 on the Billboard Soul Chart.

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  1. LuckySG

    Want to add a Laser to your J-Frame?

    If you have a J-Frame that was produced after 1996 then there is an excellent chance this Red LaserMax CenterFire Laser Sight will fit beautifully on your revolver. 442-1, 637-1, 638-2, 642-1, & 438 and later are all going to fit. Massive price cut from $134 to $60! First come first serve...
  2. 41mag

    J-frame fanboys Please step in: list your 3 biggest pro & cons for this as a back-up

    Looking for focused discussion on why/why not include the S&W J-frame as a part of your regular gear. 5 shot 38 Special +P seems adequate for certain roles; not intended as a 'caliber' or 'marque' flame war. Specific job, specific tool; what's better given the mission/package size? And I...
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