Social democracy is a political, social and economic ideology that supports economic and social interventions to promote social justice within the framework of a capitalist economy, as well as a policy regime involving a commitment to representative and participatory democracy, measures for income redistribution and regulation of the economy in the general interest and welfare state provisions. Social democracy thus aims to create the conditions for capitalism to lead to greater democratic, egalitarian and solidaristic outcomes; and is often associated with the set of socioeconomic policies that became prominent in Northern and Western Europe—particularly the Nordic model in the Nordic countries—during the latter half of the 20th century.
Social democracy originated as a political ideology that advocated an evolutionary and peaceful transition from capitalism to socialism using established political processes in contrast to the revolutionary approach to transition associated with orthodox Marxism. In the early post-war era in Western Europe, social democratic parties rejected the Stalinist political and economic model then current in the Soviet Union, committing themselves either to an alternate path to socialism or to a compromise between capitalism and socialism. In this period, social democrats embraced a mixed economy based on the predominance of private property, with only a minority of essential utilities and public services under public ownership. As a result, social democracy became associated with Keynesian economics, state interventionism and the welfare state, while abandoning the prior goal of replacing the capitalist system (factor markets, private property and wage labor) with a qualitatively different socialist economic system.
Modern social democracy is characterized by a commitment to policies aimed at curbing inequality, oppression of underprivileged groups and poverty, including support for universally accessible public services like care for the elderly, child care, education, health care and workers' compensation. The social democratic movement also has strong connections with the labour movement and trade unions and is supportive of collective bargaining rights for workers as well as measures to extend democratic decision-making beyond politics into the economic sphere in the form of co-determination for employees and other economic stakeholders.
The Third Way, which ostensibly aims to fuse right-wing economics with social democratic welfare policies, is an ideology that developed in the 1990s and is sometimes associated with social democratic parties, but some analysts have instead characterized the Third Way as an effectively neoliberal movement.

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  1. burnsidePDX

    Other State  California Democrat And Gun Control Advocate Charged With Arms Trafficking

    When they meant “gun control” he totally had something else in mind.
  2. DuneHopper

    The Atmosphere of Northwest Firearms - Questions/Concerns

    Looking at the original feedback thread on the atmosphere of Northwest firearms located here The Atmosphere of Northwest Firearms - Changes There also have been several discussions going back to my knowledge to round 2009 or 2010, when I was simply a visitor before I became a member. The first...
  3. Joe Link

    National  Massachusetts Democrat blocks State Department nominee over 3-D guns

    Massachusetts Democrat blocks State Department nominee over 3-D guns
  4. C

    Other State  A California Legislator appeared on Fox

    The man came one and flatly stated that if California AR-15 owners wouldn't participate in a "buy back" program they would confiscate them and charge the otherwise law-abiding owners with felony possession of an "Assault Weapon". They're on their way, kids and this won't be pretty.
  5. Colts4me

    Other State  NY Democrat bill to stop gun clubs

    I guess she fears people learning how to shoot not just guns but bows and arrows.:confused: <broken link removed>
  6. Tony617

    Other State  Democrat Congressman Wants to Ban All “Assault Weapons”- Buy Them Back, Go After Resisters

    Democrat Congressman Wants to Ban All “Assault Weapons”- Buy Them Back, Go After Resisters
  7. Johnny Tremain

    One if by land and two if by sea

    Ah, my fav part of coming to a new forum. The avatar you are looking at, is the inside of a AR's dust cover. I got silly and did a jungle tiger stripe on it. So I figured I should have the tiger. I have the outfit to go with it too, but since the 70's it has shrink, mainly around the middle...
  8. Colts4me

    National  Democrat sherriff candidate wants ban

    And will kill you if you refuse to turn in your gun. It Begins. Democrat Candidate for Sheriff Suggests Killing People to Take Their Guns
  9. fredball

    National  Democrat Backed Gun Study Backfires

    We previously reported about a gun study in which federal agents attempted to buy guns online. During the process of buying a firearm, the federal agent told the seller they were prohibited from owning a firearm. The sales were declined, and in some cases, the federal agent was banned from the...
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