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  1. arjunki

    Hatsan AT44-10 QE 25cal Air rifle with quieting baffle, Scuba tank, charging gauge & accessories

    Like the title says this is a 25 caliber Hatsan AT44-10 QE that comes fully equipped with upgraded sound suppression system, 2 magazines, 2 fill probes, extra seals, extra valve body, the original baffle system. (Just in case you wanna make it louder ) A scuba tank (full) with fill gauge, hose...
  2. J

    Hatsan 135 .30 caliber break barrel

    Like new Hatsan 135 .30 break barrel, fired maybe 100 shots out of it. It’s a beautiful wooden stock. Will include a tin of jsb 55gr pellets and a tin of hatsan vortex 44gr pellets. Interested in underlever spring guns and marauders or gauntlets especially but open to trades for something else...
  3. J

    Hatsan 135 QE .30 break barrel

    Brand new Hatsan 135 .30 break barrel, fired maybe 20 shots out of it and it a just too heavy for me. It’s a beautiful wooden stock. Will include two tins of .30 jsb 44gr pellets. Open to trades for something else, not interested in any .177 guns though. Or will sell for cash. Make me an offer...
  4. P

    WTB WA  Hatsan Arms Escourt Shotgun.

    Looking for one in semi auto or pump. Can buy or have firearms to trade.
  5. D

    WTS OR  Hatsan BT Big Bore Carnivore QE .35 cal. Package,

    PRICE REDUCED $600 This gun is about two years old, in perfect condition and has only short about 200 pellets. It's quiet but not backyard friendly, hence the minimal use. I have made some internal modifications to the moderator. It would be a good Jack rabbit / coyote controller. I have not...
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