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  1. N

    New Zealand we told you so. Confiscation no good.

    New Zealand just proved it 100%... Gun Control does not work!... - YouTube
  2. RoktJSqwirl

    National  Confiscation - Shmonfiscation: more than one way to steal our rights

    I've been marveling lately at the ingenuity of "da state" at keeping us at bay. Years ago, I saw a Chris Rock special where he talked about his approach to "gun control" wherein he thought guns should be absolutely Free, but ammo should cost several Grand per round. It appears someone was...
  3. Crohnos01

    Washington  Washington State Court finds confiscation law unconstitutional?

    Anybody know anything about this? Washington Court finds Confiscation Law Unconstitutional I haven't seen anything anywhere on the news or media sources except the NRA-ILA site (not that I am surprised by that). Is this a reversal of the 1639 trash that was passed awhile back?
  4. DB is Here

    Washington State Firearm Confiscation Law Found Unconstitutional From the article: "Earlier this year, in a ruling of first impression in Washington State, the Kitsap County District Court decided that the state’s compulsory “firearm surrender” laws...
  5. sobo

    International  Despite Confiscation, New Zealand Sees Most Gun Crime in a Decade

    From NRA-ILA Grassroots Alert newsletter
  6. 41mag

    Other State  SCOTUS orders city to explain confiscation
  7. Tony617

    Washington  Bellingham Washington- includes ban on alcohol and gun sales in proposed coronavirus emergency plan

    City in Washington includes ban on alcohol and gun sales in proposed coronavirus emergency plan
  8. DB is Here

    National  Schumer Targeted by Gun Confiscation Law After Threatening SCOTUS Justices Ok, this made me laugh.
  9. Ferryman

    Other State  Colorado Judge Denies Confiscation Request Under Red Flag Law
  10. RicInOR

    First Registration. Then Confiscation. They are Coming for Your ... Wood Stove
  11. N

    Other State  Virginia Gov ready for confiscation He says he has everything he needs. Virginia @ 2:50
  12. Pacesetter

    National  ‘Red flag’ gun confiscation bill passes House committee
  13. L

    Question: Has there ever been a 'realistic' study of how many would be killed & wounded in a complete U.S. Gun Confiscation?

    Everyone, I pretty much put it in the title. Just like before the planned WW2 invasion of Japan, has there ever been a comprehensive, non-partisan, study of how many would be killed & wounded in an attempted, complete gun confiscation in the U.S. ? Rest assured that many would resist and...
  14. scrandall01215

    National  Another Red Flag Confiscation Looks like he had a nice military gun collection that’s all. They he had Morters but nothing about if they were inert. Neighbors say “...
  15. RicInOR

    National  Republicans Who Support Gun Confiscation "red flag"
  16. DB is Here

    International  New Zealand struggles to enforce gun-control law

    New Zealand struggles to enforce gun-control law – The Mercury News
  17. jim97701

    National  Spousal confiscation equals theft

    Be interesting to see where this goes. Woman fearing her husband arrested after trying to turn in his guns to police
  18. slimmer13

    Other State  More than 1000 guns seized at LA home

    Massive cache of 1,000 guns seized from Bel Air mansion during ATF raid
  19. N

    Keep em Separate

    Not captitulating on any up coming laws just asking if storing an AR style rifle by seperating the upper and lower eliminated it from being considered an assault rifle. As long as they are not connected are they subject to any classification?
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