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  1. A

    National  Is anybody aware of proposed legislation that will classify AR uppers as regulated receivers?

    There has been some movement by the ATF to classify some AR uppers as a regulated receiver even though they don't have a hammer or firing mechanism. I am wondering if there is any proposed legislation in the US that is attempting to do that by law rather then ATF making up new determinations?
  2. A

    National  Is there any federal license required to assemble and sell AR uppers in country?

    The assembly and sale of the uppers would be intended for profit.
  3. Brutus57

    Anyone have any experience with Hardened Arms Uppers?

    I am considering another build and also considering trying a local to me company. I like Aero Precision as I have several of their parts but HA has a particular upper I am intrigued by. Brutus Out
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