The Mitsubishi K3M2 (九〇式機上作業練習機, Kyūrei-shiki kijō sagyō renshūki) was a trainer built by Mitsubishi which was used by the Imperial Japanese Navy in an extremely wide variety of roles, including light transport, liaison aircraft, utility aircraft and occasionally light bomber. Its Allied reporting name was Pine.

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    Jeff from Portland, 12ga Stoeger M3K, 20ga A400 XPlor Action

    Hi, thank you for providing such a great discussion venue. Portland resident and fairly new gun owner. Target shoot most Fridays with my wife on 12ga Stoeger M3K. Just ordered a 20ga Beretta A400 XPlor Action KO 28" and fortunately ran across this site looking for A400 ammo advice. Happy shooting!
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    Stoeger M3K

    I am looking at buying a Stoeger M3K for 3 Gun. I am not too familiar with shotguns as a whole and only own a Remington 870 Express. Given that it is a competition "ready" gun for under $800, I was thinking it may be a good starter shotgun for what Im looking at doing. I am on a budget and...
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