XL650, 300 BLK, AA #9 powder, Part #4 - Loading and gotcha's

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    XL 650 Set Up for the 300 BLK.

    I changed four things to up the reliability and speed of reloading this cartridge on the Dillon Precision XL 650. Here goes.

    1. Change out the default CASE FEED BODY BUSHING to S M A L L

    2. On the platform assembly, is the block that controls the speed of the shell falling. Switch from RIFLE to PISTOL.

    3. On the platform assembly is the slide (#3) for the .223 brass casing to move from the drop to the round shell plate. Take a very small file and make certain that there are no burrs or manufacturing defects on either the intake or out flow (the side that bumps against the round shell plate) that can make the brass have a hard time transitioning from the drop to the round shell plate.

    4. On the auto case feeder. At the brass drop opening, to the left is a metal "clip" that can be adjusted to make the opening smaller. It is friction adjustable only, loosen the screws that hold the see thru plastic plate in place. Move it to the right, rinse, repeat. Trial and error. Just remember to move it back when you are done (thanx to another member for this tip).

    Sorry, no pictures, you can see all the graphics in your Dillon literature or at Dillon Precision on line.

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