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Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by viehmann7680, May 28, 2012.

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    I've never hunted in WA before, I feel while i'm up here I shouldn't pass up the chance to hunt here. The only problem is I can't find places to hunt. I've looked into the hancock forest management... But I really don't want to pay $300-$500 on top of tags and everything else. For that much I can fly back to missouri to hunt! Can anyone help with places to hunt? I know on the WDFW website they say some private landowners open up to hunters. Or if you know somewhere I can go for this info or anything would be helpful. I live in spanaway, I don't mind driving and preferably looking for places to hunt black tail deer, bear, cougar. Thanks!
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    Travel anywhere,but don't hunt around Tacoma or pierce county.Even King county.
    Unless you bow hunt.Then make sure you have a sidearm with you.
    Too many crazies over there
    Heck if you just want deer,come across the Narrows and even the HCB to out here.
    Go south to Lewis county.Thurston still has too many people to be safe hunting
    The Naches is a little better.Ellensberg gets a lot of traffic from seattle,but is better than King county.
    Okanogan County is a ways away but way better than the puget sound areas

    So basically,half of the dedicated hunters I have worked with will travel to either up here on the Olympic peninsula or go to eastern wa or farther to hunt and not get shot at.

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