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    From: My Patriot Supply
    Date: 10/28/2015 8:34:15 AM

    Subject: NEW: Customize Your Food Supply with #10 Cans!
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    Dear gary,

    Today is an incredibly exciting day for all of us at My Patriot Supply.
    For months, we've been working on a new line of products that we know you'll love, because it's loyal customers like you that requested it!
    I'm pleased to announce the launch of the Patriot Pantry Big #10 Can line! Now you can stock up on your favorite recipes and ingredients packed in durable, re-sealable containers!

    You asked. We listened.
    Here's what's great about our new #10 cans:
    The Build-Your-Own Option Is Now Here
    If you want the flexibility to create your own emergency food pantry and build a menu based around what you and your loved ones like to eat, our new #10 cans are the perfect solution. Now you can stock up on our most popular dishes including Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Rice, Granny's Homestyle Potato Cheddar Soup and many more.
    Feed A Small Army With One Can
    The #10 can is about five times the size of your average soup can, so it can hold many more servings than the Mylar pouches that come with our standard food supply kits.
    If you need to feed many people in an emergency situation, the #10 can reduces the number of packages you need to open and lets you decide how many servings you need. When you have enough, just reseal the can to use it again later.
    Perfect for "Preparedness Gourmets"
    Now you can stock up on basic ingredients like Butter Powder, Honey Powder, Quick Rolled Oats and more that you can use to make your own favorite recipes during a crisis.
    And as always, all of our #10 cans are proudly made in the USA and non-GMO. You'll also get up to a 25-year shelf life on most items, if kept unopened, and up to a year once opened.
    We hope you're just as excited as we are about our new line of #10 cans. Stock up on your favorites in bulk today!
    In Liberty,
    Matt Redhawk
    Owner, My Patriot Supply
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