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STOP buying at outragous prices

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by gophishhhh, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. gophishhhh

    gophishhhh milwaukie Active Member

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    If everyone would stop paying outragous prices, all these price gougers would go away.
    If your a true lover of guns and shooting you would not be trying to sell $15.00 mags for $50.00 or a $800.00 rifle for $2000.00.
    There is no shortage of weapons, magazines or ammo!!!
    There are just people with money jumping on the political "ban" wagon, thinking here is a quick way to make a buck.
    There is more than enough ammo, mags and guns to go around if people would stop buying, just to resell it!!
    In my opinion if this is your goal, you are not a true gun lover and you probably dont give a bubblegum about the 2nd ammendment either. All you care about is your own agenda, just like all the politicians.
    the only affect this price gouging bubblegum has, is keeping people from the intended purpose; SHOOTING!!!!! Now the average blue collar gun nut cant afford to buy anything or enjoy using what they already have.
    and no, i am not posting this because i need stuff and cant find it, i have enough to get me by. i shoot alot, so yes it pisses me off knowing that i have to limit something me and my family love, just because some bubblegum is trying to make a quick buck.........
  2. BarbusBadarse

    BarbusBadarse tanasbourne Active Member

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  3. Widerstand

    Widerstand Portland rebmeM roineS

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    Well one of the ways I plan on showing my disagreement with the price gouging is from now on I plan on having no dealing with members that have participated in it.
  4. The Duck

    The Duck Oregon Active Member

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    I see Assault Rifles, Ammo and Magazines everywhere I go... It's Creepy!

    I can't sit down without having an AR or 30 round PMAG "Goose" me, I have to use a push broom to clear out the .223 ammo out of my house; It just gets tracked in all the time?

    This situation is getting pretty annoying!
  5. saabracer23

    saabracer23 Salem, oregon Member

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    The other day I as invited to go shooting with some friends from work. Luckily I had a large stock of .22 ammo but it was very irritating not being able to find 9mm fmj ammo just to go plinking with some friends. One of the most common rounds in the world and I couldn't find 100 rounds just to go have a little fun. Thank you to all the people that walk into Walmart and bi-mart and say "I'll take everything you have".

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  6. Major Payne

    Major Payne PNW Active Member

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    Yes this is all getting outta hand again
  7. M67

    M67 NW Oregon Active Member

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    If you did not have what you needed before the panic buying started, shame on you.
  8. Blitzkrieg

    Blitzkrieg WA Well-Known Member

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    I already have what I need.. but not what I want

    If the OP had checked with retailers he would know they are sold out of everything, and I mean everything. If something is rare then it's worth more
  9. Ghost_2.0

    Ghost_2.0 Oregon Member

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    I buy when it slows down, wait for the hype to die
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  10. Key-Hay

    Key-Hay North Carolina Active Member

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    I'm on a waiting list for an upper that will complete my latest build project. The weekend after the shooting I did place orders for a 10 Pack of window Pmags, BX-25s, and some black dog 22LR. Got 2 of the 3 (Black dogs are on back order).

    I did sell some of my Pmags to cover my cost for that order. Buyer was happy to get them. I didn't test the upper limits of what I could get for them.

    My take on this is the law of supply and demand is what it is. It's like complaining about the price of gas. Not much we can do about it.
  11. Bill Siegle

    Bill Siegle Oregon Active Member

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    My fear is that we are resetting a new "normal" for prices. Just like gas, the price goes up dramatically then drops. But it never drops to the old "low" price. I won't panic buy right now or even later as I have what I need. However I am cautious of what the future holds with buying habits being what they are right now.
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  12. akmewon

    akmewon clackamas Active Member

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    my ignore list is getting pretty long....
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  13. andreys21

    andreys21 Milwaukie, OR Active Member

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    I agree. I gave up looking for a decent price for my own birthday gift. I'm going to hold on to my money and ride this out until the bills come in and the hoarders will have to pay.
  14. Hrethgir

    Hrethgir Beaverton, OR Active Member

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    I just bought my first gun in November, I haven't had enough time or money to get everything I needed yet :-( Got some more 9mm on sale at BiMart (only bought 6 boxes, plenty left for others), but I still wanted an AR, and was originally waiting until bonus time at work in a few months to get one. But because of all this AWB crap, I've been trying to at least get a lower without paying stupid prices. Found a complete for a decent price finally, so I at least have my serial number! Got mags too, although to get those at a decent price, they are on backorder for who knows how long! Now I just need ammo....
  15. Trailboss

    Trailboss Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    This is absolutely true. If all you gold hoarders will please stop paying market price, gold will drop back to $25 an ounce and I can buy a ton. So lets get started on this ok?
  16. ajm091385

    ajm091385 Saint Helens, OR. Member

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    Unfortunately there are some people here who's taking advantages selling their $15 Pmags for $40-$45 each.. I hope it stop! Good citizens gun owners are all affected with this crisis. We shouldn't take advantage of each other! We all have one thing in common. we should try to help each other. If some folks have spare AR-15 magazines that they don't need or want, help others by selling it for a reasonable price. not for $40-$45.. I wish I have a lot of extra Pmags or other AR-15 Magazines. I would sell it for the price I paid for or less.. just to help out.
  17. MountainBear

    MountainBear Sweet Home, OR Well-Known Member

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    I probably have a few more mags than I absolutely need. I don't think its right to sell PMags for $50+ that I bought for $13 a few weeks ago. Its not as though I couldn't use the money right now. But I also don't really want to sell the PMags for the $13 I bought them for, only to have someone turn around and sell them for $50...

    I refuse to buy things at the panic prices. I figure in a month or two, the rhetoric will have died down. People will have tax bills and Christmas credit card bills and items will flood back to the market. The issue I have is similar to what was mentioned earlier. I now get excited when I see $3.00 per gallon for gas because its been so long since I paid less than that. Several years ago is was $2.00 I got excited about. When I started driving, gas was under $1.00 per gallon. We are becoming accustomed to higher prices and dealers and manufacturers know this. I recently found an old box of .225/5.56 that had a $2.99 price tag on it. Now I'd be happy to find it for $5.00 to $6.00 per 20 rounds.
  18. RBid

    RBid Wilsonville, OR Well-Known Member

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    No shortage? Ammunition production should be sufficient to catch up to demand. I'll give you that.

    Rifles are smoked. Don't believe it? OK. I invite you to post an "I told you all" thread when stores have ARs all over their walls, again.
  19. soberups

    soberups Newberg Well-Known Member

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    We are simply seeing pure capitalism at work, the law of supply and demand.

    I just paid $30 apiece three extra Promags for my AK, for the simple reason that my piece of mind in having them now outweighed my desire to wait for more reasonable pricing to return..if it ever does. Did I truly need them? No. Did I want to have them badly enough to pay 2x retail? Yes. If prices and availability ever do return to pre-Newton levels, I will be at peace with the fact that I paid an extra $45 for 3 mags. If they dont..I will be glad I bought them while I still had the chance. My money, my choice.
  20. trainsktg

    trainsktg Portland OR Well-Known Member

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    NO AK deserves Promags :rolleyes: ;) .