"Stolen" gun fraud protection question.

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by bgdawgrr, Jan 6, 2016.

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    Mind is working overtime since I've gotten a few fraud alerts on my CCs the past couple weeks. People can be so slimmy. I'm sure guns are not exempt.
    I did a search here and didn't really come up with anything.

    My question is, how do you protect yourself from someone reporting a gun stolen that wasn't?

    Hypothetical scenario. You purchased a firearm from a private individual. You've owned it for 12 years. One day a situation happens and the number is run. It comes up stolen. Let's say the original owner had a break in and mistakenly (or not) reports the serial number of the gun as stolen 10 years ago. (After you bought it and run any checks available, etc).
    Not sure a receipt from the person you bought it from carries any weight. You are in possession of "stolen" property.
    Seems the benefit always goes to the reporting person, real or not.
    Someone could claim a gun stolen and didn't have the serial number, then at a later time "find" the information.
    I know one reason not to post serial numbers of firearms or pics with full # is because anyone can then report it stolen and, at the least, cause the current owner inconvenience.
    Not sure how you could straighten this out unless it went through some FFL record at some time. Even then, the "found the SN later" scenario could still bite you.
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    If you bought it from the owner who reported it stolen, and you have receipt from that owner with their signature, then they are on the line for making a false report, and you should have evidence of having legally bought it.
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    I think there's a database that you can query on-line for free.
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    Don't sell 'em and the numbers won't get run.
    Crisis averted.
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    Never had that happen cuz when we could do our own FTF trades I would only sell or buy if they had a CCL.

    Times were better back then:(
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    I had this happen with a travel trailer i bought that was on consignment at a dealer. Three deputies showed up at my house 18 months later because the last owner reported it stolen. I went in and got the title and bill of sale and all was good for me.
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    Records are good , I try and only sell/buy people I know well and have a CHL.
    I cant say I ever asked for a receipt when I buy a gun its like buying a lawn mower or it used to be. I am pretty content with what I keep right now, so wont be in that position for awhile or until things change. I will say sadly yesterday speech of doom and gloom was not something I liked seeing it was the equivalent of watching someone take a piss on the Constitution and myself tide to a chair having to watch with no recourse. I say that with no joke or sarcasm it was for me a man that follows oaths and honor it was one of the worst things I have had to hear.

    To OP they cant come in your house without a warrant. Guns what guns the burden is not on you to prove. That may change but if you bought and sold a firearm ten years ago or last year one has to ask if they keep saying they are not keeping records how would they find you? Its not like they can find out to easily where it came from thats allot of work.
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    To clarify my question, it's not important how it gets run. Not worried about someone showing up etc. Maybe it's a self defense issue and the weapon is your carry piece etc.
    It's not the person YOU bought the gun from that reported it stolen fraudulently, it's the person who owned it BEFORE them down the line.
    Best I can see is you forfeit the weapon. I've seen posts on this board that ppl run the guns they bought/sold and get a hit and lose the $$ and weapon.
    I'm trying to figure out if there is any way to challenge the fact the weapon was ever stolen and title always reverts back to the reporting person?

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