Sounds like the shooter could be in trouble

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    I am not posting this to armchair quarterback the events of this tragic story (I was not there) but to just point out that alcohol and firearms do not mix!!!

    Off-Duty Officer Fatally Shoots Unarmed Marine
    Man Shot 13 Times Outside Baltimore Nightclub
    POSTED: 3:39 pm EDT June 6, 2010

    An off-duty Baltimore City police officer fatally shot an unarmed Marine 13 times outside a nightclub early Saturday.

    According to Baltimore City police, Tyrone Brown -- a 32-year-old Marine who has served two tours of duty in Iraq -- was shot 13 times at close range. He died a short time later.

    Baltimore police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the officer shot and killed Brown, saying Brown made advances toward a woman who was with the officer.

    "After the advances, the officer and the individual exchanged words," Gugliemi said. "There was an argument, and the altercation turned physical. At that point, the officer pulled out his service weapon and fired multiple shots at our victim."

    Brown's sister said she was there when her brother was shot. She said they were out at about 1:30 a.m. Saturday when they approached a group of people -- including the off-duty officer -- leaving Eden's Lounge, a nightclub in Mount Vernon.
    "There was absolutely no physical contact," said La-Belle Scott, Brown's sister. "The supposed officer was not in any harm whatsoever. He (Brown) had his hands up to show he didn't have no weapons or anything."

    Scott said her brother tried to diffuse the situation.

    "My brother tried to approach him, saying, 'Calm down, calm down. All this is uncalled for.' And, the next thing you know, several shots rang out. It was maybe eight or nine shots that rang out, and then, all I know is my brother is telling me, 'I'm shot,'" Scott said.

    Brown's family said they're having a hard time understanding the whole situation, saying Brown wasn't a violent man.
    "It's just crazy that he would have to shoot 13 times at an unarmed man," Scott said. "He was a loving, caring person. (He) always looked out for everybody. He loved his kids. His family came first."

    Brown is survived by a wife and two children.

    "Tyrone was the love of my life. I don't know how else to put it," said Brown's wife, Loren. "We just (have to) take it one step at a time, one day at a time and just put it in God's hands. That's all I can do."

    As they gather to support each other, the family said they have one wish for the future.

    "I just hope justice will be served because my brother was supposed to walk me down the aisle next month. I'm getting married on July 24, and he would've walked me down the aisle and he's not here," Scott said.

    The state's attorney's office will review the evidence and decide whether to file charges, which also is customary, he said.

    The officer, who Guglielmi said is a 15-year veteran, has not been named. Police said they are investigating whether alcohol was a factor. The officer declined to take an alcohol breath test.

    Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III has ordered his senior commanders to oversee the investigation. Guglielmi said the officer was being questioned, which is customary in shootings involving an officer.

    Officers typically carry their service weapons while off-duty in Baltimore, but Guglielmi said they should not be carrying their guns if they intend to become intoxicated.
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    Lawful carry by a highly trained law enforcement officer makes this a lot worse. Sarah Brady can't buy TV time as valuable as this.
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    Sad story and bad for all gun owners. I just want to know how you fatally shoot someone 13 times. Does he come back to life each time after being fatally shot?

    "An off-duty Baltimore City police officer fatally shot an unarmed Marine 13 times outside a nightclub early Saturday." :)
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    The brothers in blue will try to help this officers but I'm not sure that they can get him out of this.
    I'm usually fighting to the end for our LEOs, However, I care about our service men and women even more. This guy served his country and served for the freedoms of others. He shouldn't get murdered like a punk here at home. It's sad when you see someone make it through two tours in **** to be killed over nothing. Two big egos.

    I hope this officer goes to prison for the rest of his life. I'm sure he was drinking because he refused the breath test. Even though I'm sure he was told to do that by superiors or IA. But this guy didn't have to die.
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    Looks like the story was just updated... the outcome doesn't change but the new information makes the shooting look even worse for the officer.

    What gets me is the report that the victim was "shot at 13 times at close range, with six shots hitting him" .

    This tends to lend support to the allegation that alcohol may have been involved if he was only able to score 6 hits out of 13 shots "at close range".

    Sad indeed and I hope he gets prison time for this.

  6. maxxborist

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    Anyone notice he was shot for making advances toward another woman? Wasn't the victim married? Still a sad story.
  7. MountainBear

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    I agree it's a very sad situation both ways. A man is dead, and another man has probably ruined his life. I never did like differentiating between military and LEO's though. Both put their life on the line to safeguard us. They should all be treated with the same reverence. There are bad eggs in both groups. Both groups try to cover up for the bad eggs. But for the most part, both groups are full of good people. This is very sad all the way around...
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    It wasn't a private firearm, it was his service pistol.

  9. Gunner3456

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    I can find only three people in the US with the surname Tshamba. The name appears to be Nigerian. If he were Muslim, he would have a very hard time tolerating someone making advances on a woman. If so, why would he have her at a bar...??

    This theory could be all wet too. :thumbup:

    However, escorting a woman at a bar, drinking and carrying don't mix for anyone.
  10. ZachS

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    Probably less damning than rants from the prosecutor about how drunk 'n ornery he was. Don't know enough about this subject to say for sure, but I think that was a good move on his part.
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    So the shooter had another incident with alcohol and shooting people, maybe he should have been let go from the department then. I would also be surprised if his co-workers stood up for him, it's scum like this that gives them a bad name. I really hope the shooter gets the harshest penalty they have.

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