Ok, despite the silly title, this is a serious question...

I'm saving my pennies for a S&W M&P 9mm compact (NO, this is not up for debate, please don't suggest a different gun) and in anticipation of the day I finally have enough cash, I've been thinking about holsters.

A few facts before I start with the questions... I'm about 5'2" and 110 pounds. Basically, pretty small and thin without much padding anywhere. I also have recurring back problems that tend to be aggravated by sitting funny or standing for too long.

So... I am looking to be able to conceal said 9mm compact on said body without resorting to over-sized sweatshirts and a 2" wide belt. I anticipate sitting quite a bit while wearing this gun so I would prefer it not be holstered directly behind me if at all possible.

A lot of the holster I've seen seem to be very wide from one side to the other. Not the depth, but the actual length from the forward-most point on the belt to the rear-most point. In comparison, I don't really have any place on my belt that is that wide without significant curving.

If this makes any sense I'd love some advice from the ladies, or men who know ladies who carry concealed, or men who just have an opinion on something that might work. IWB vs OWB? Streamlined holsters that still retain a high degree of safety and security? Leather, kydex, hybrid, other? Placement of the holster? Angle of the gun? I've considered places other than my belt, but again it gets back to not having enough weight and/or height to conceal something that size (Bellyband, under-arm, ankle, thigh, other ridiculous locations). Should I just wear it at six o'clock and carry a cute little pillow to lean back against so I don't kill my back?

Oh, and I'm not looking at carrying in a purse because I won't be able to have it on my body at all times and because I think the vast majority of concealed carry purses are ugly. Besides, I promised my boyfriend I'd stop buying more purses :D
I have no personal knowledge of women and the holsters they use but one of our members makes custom leather holsters. Maybe he can make you exactely what you want when you get an idea.:s0155:

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My wife carries a LCP in either her purse, a minituck or desantis nemesis in a jacket pocket. She is 5'7 about 120. We tried a larger gun but she didn't want to look frumpy. Fashion is more important to her than carrying an easier to shoot/more effective caliber gun. Anyway, onto the options;

1. Smartcarry. Basically a pouch that you wrap around your stomach and it sits infront of your privates. Not good for fast draw but allows alot of clothing options.

2. Bellyband. A holster that wraps around you that you can wear up high under your breasts. Works for alot of women, I think you might have to find a custom holster maker to make it for you though, not sure.

3. Ankle rig, as has been mentioned before. I personally wouldn't carry a primary in an ankle rig, smart carry is more comfortable, concealable and easier to get to IMO

4. Shoulder holster. Might be a good idea, you could wear an undershirt and a button up overshirt unbuttoned.

5. Small of back OWB.

There are lots of ways to carry. Honestly, if that is the gun you want to carry then the only way to get quick draw access is to wear looser clothing and carry IWB, OWB or in a shoulder rig. Concealing means changing alot mentally and physically. You just have to figure out what you want to compromise (fashion, access, etc..) and what works for you. It's hard to know what will work, you just have to try alot of holsters and carry positions and go with the best option. Personally I carry a glock 17 IWB at 4oclock. I print but don't care that I do. BTW I am a guy 6'5" 220lbs. I would suggest buying used holsters as good holsters are expensive new.

This website is specifically for women and guns Cornered Cat
Raven concealment makes thin kydex owb holsters. The comptac mtac is very thin. Kydex or a hybrid will probably be thinner than a full on leather holster. Carrying OWB provides the best access to a handgun. You might look at a High Rise type OWB holster, worn at 4 o'clock would be comfortable I imagine.
Especially now that the weather is getting colder and it's easy to wear an over shirt or jacket the shoulder holster idea makes a lot of sense.

I bought a soft, canvas shoulder holster from, and I"ve been pretty happy with it. I even was able to wear my LCP with under just a dress shirt. I probably could get away with carrying my M&P or G26 the same way, but I'm always very concerned about printing. I wear a sport coat or outer shirt when carrying one of the larger guns.

It's not the world's fastest draw, but it's an inexpensive holster that is comfortable, very concealed, and is by far my choice of carry for long periods of driving, sitting, etc.

This is the model I have: <broken link removed> .
My wife carries her full size Taurus 24/7 in a Tactical Tailor "Crossfire". Allows her to carry all her girl stuff and still conceal a full sized handgun. I admit that off body carry may not be the optimal solution, but it is a lot better than nothing at all.
Try this guy, I have bought several of the Silent Thunders for my carry guns. These are a thin Kydex with thin leather lining, extremely quiet draw and very smooth. There are several types that he makes but most leather ones have a longer wait time. He is very nice to deal with and takes PayPal as well.

The link I attached is to a slimmer way to attach to belt to keep print down, especially on you skin and bones people....... The Silent Thunders I have are very light as well.

Purse is not a great idea as it is harder to find if purse is big, they are #1 target for theft (gun gone,defenseless, another bad guy with a gun traceable to you). If you do fall or are knocked down the purse could be seperated from you as natural instinct to put out arms to defend self from fall, now you struggle to get it back into possesion which alerts the bad guy to keep it from you. The best thing is to have attached directly to you.

<broken link removed>

Edit: by the way ask your doctor about "Relafen" for the back thing.
One of the things I used to suggest to students just starting to carry was to find out how the firearm would feel if they fell on it, or somehow ended up rolling around on the floor with it still in the holster. It isn't as far fetched as many would think as lots of folks fall on ice or slippery floors, or in a fight can get knocked down.

If your firearm is placed so that it knocks the wind out of you, or hits you hard in the kidney, you are as good as out of the fight anyhow.

I strongly suggest that when considering where/how to carry, you UNLOAD the firearm, put it into the holster and try backward, and forward rolls. Simulate falling and rising from a down position. You will quickly discover that lots of places that are good at concealing a firearm, are really bad choices because when you hit the ground with the firearm there, it is just like getting punched or kicked.

Everyone is built a little different. You will have to try out all your options before you decide on a place to carry.

If you have your boyfriend go through this exercise with you, he may quickly decide that the best option would be for you to buy another purse to carry in. They conceal well, some have a cable through the strap to prevent cutting or ripping it. And if you fall, you can quite easily avoid landing on top of the purse.
hy wife uses a shoulder rig or an old "kicken' A" fanny pack built for purpose. If you are not willing to "dress around" your concealment option maybe you should just give up.
My wife carries a gun very close in size to the M&P Compact. I think that you'll find that carrying a gun that size and weight is not a problem once you get a good holster, find the right position, and hold it all in place with a good belt. It might take several holster purchases before you get the right combo.

The women I know who carry concealed all avoid off-body carry. All of them use IWB holsters, some of them use appendix carry, some carry at about 4-4:30, some alternate depending. My wife has two Comp-Tac MTAC holsters, one for appendix carry (neutral cant), and one for carry at 4-4:30 (forward cant). She finds them very comfortable and easy to conceal.

A good IWB holster like the MTAC will conform to your body shape, so it's not necessary to find a position where your body doesn't curve.

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