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Announcement Shopping Online? Use Northwest Firearms Affiliate Links

Joe Link

I want to preface this with a simple statement: If you want to Support Northwest Firearms, please try to support our Supporting Vendors before shopping elsewhere. Sales are the main reason they advertise with us, and without their financial support this site literally wouldn't be here.

With the holidays coming up and many of you making online purchases, I want to take a few minutes to talk to everyone about another source of revenue for Northwest Firearms called "affiliate links". To put it in simple terms, affiliate links are links to companies (usually very large ones) which give us a small portion of a sale when someone makes a purchase after clicking a link on our website. Since we're no longer able to run network ads here we're hoping these will replace at least a portion of that revenue (so we can stop bugging you guys for donations so often!). By clicking a link to one of these retailers on Northwest Firearms before making a purchase you're directly supporting our community.

In addition to the permanent links we've created to popular retailers, we also run software which automatically converts normal links into affiliate links for thousands of retailers.

1. Permanent links can be found in the Support Northwest Firearms sidebar block on the right side of the page. Simply click the link and then do your shopping.


2. Members can create their own links by simply posting the URL of the company or item in a thread or conversation then clicking the link. As I said, this works for thousands of retailers, even if they're not firearm-related, such as TripAdvisor, Nordstrom, and Nike. Feel free to post links here and give it a shot (now or in the future).

You can also post links in these two threads (one for firearm-related stuff and one for other):

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask :)
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Roger that. Living in the sticks we buy quite a bit of supplies from Amazon, so one thing we've done is the Amazon bookmark on all of our devices is the NWFA version of the URL. It makes it easy to always be using the correct link. :)
Joe Link

Joe Link

So let me get this straight if I post a link of something I'm going to this:

Then click the link from here, then NWFA gets a cut?
Yep, exactly!

Everyone needs to be using that Brownells tab! I spend an unbelievable amount of money on that website. On occasion I forget to use it.
I made myself a note to always use it thru NWFA.
Awesome, thanks Tim! Hopefully the new sidebar block will make it easier for people to remember :)


I buy a fair amount from Midway rather than brownells, and I'd be very willing to go through an affiliate link if there's a working one
You can actually make one. Post it in this thread for us all to see and then click on it to buy what your buying. Problem solved!;)



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