Selling High Capacity Pistol to California w/ Surplus Mags

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Iceberg, Jan 23, 2011.

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    I just sold my Vector Arms Mini-Uzi pistol on GunBroker to a guy in California. He has a FFL in California that I will ship the pistol to for the transfer. The pistol included 4 - 25 rd surplus mags. I didn't think we could ship high capacity magazines to California. I plan on calling his FFL as soon as he sends me the contact info; yes I'm going to check the validity of the FFL (a free GunBroker service). I sure wish I had stated no California sales in my add. What do you guys think? Am I releaved of my responsibility if I ship the pistol & mags to a licensed dealer in California for the transfer?
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    from what I understand.... if you disassemble the mags and send it as pieces your ok, but its stiff iffy.. i had a mag on here a guy in cali wanted and it was a 13 round mag, i chose not to send it, id rather keep my butt clear of any thing bad that could happen..
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    Disassemble the mags and you will be fine. It will be considered a "repair kit"/"re-build kit" in CA
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    Unless the pistol is listed on the CA DOJ list of approved firearms he can not buy it PERIOD. The only possible way around this would be if he was in your state as a resident bought the firearm and then moved to CA.

    My son is in the Navy stationed on San Clemete Is and we had to read dozens of pages of rules and regs on the DOJ web site to make sure he did not run amuck of any laws. He bought a Stoeger Cougar 8045 F (Exact same pistol as the Beretta Cougar 8045F)while up here at Christmas (his home of record) He had to send registration papers and $19.00 to the CA DOJ within 60 days of the pistol arriving in state. I had him do the paper work while still here in Oregon and mail it REGISTERED MAIL so that there would be no question they received it since being caught with an unregistered auto pistol could lead to being charged with GUN TRAFFICING.

    Your Vector Arms Mini-Uzi is not listed on the CA DOJ approved list so to the best of my knowledge that pistol can not be bought by anyone in CA. You best do some research before it ends up being confiscated and you end up screwed by a CC charge back etc.

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