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Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by raverm, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Just thought of this the other day as I learn more about concealed carrying and spend more time exercising my right to conceal carry.

    I'm not by any means wealthy or even remotely financially stable - but if SHTF and I need to draw from my holster, the last thing I want on my mind afterwards is, "will I have enough financially to hire a lawyer so my rights can be defended?"

    What are your thoughts on self-defense insurance? Necessity or optional?
    If a necessity, then who do you choose? USCCA, NRA, second call defense, armed citizens'?
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    I am a USCCA platinum member. I joined when it was $27/mo. It has recently gone up to $30. I have a $1.1 million coverage and I sleep good at night. You only get protection for self defense and not being Action Jackson. By that I mean you can't go protecting others and think you are covered. Now, if it's family that you have to protect, you might need to put yourself on the line in order to be covered. If someone tries to harm a loved one, I am gonna get in the middle and use justified force.

    Also I don't know if you know, but you obtain your own criminal defense lawyer and you don't tell them you have USCCA, you hire them as normal and contact USCCA to activate your insurance. That's what I understand.

    Bottom line $30/mo for personal protection.... i'm all for it. I rather pay a little over $324 a year and be protected heaven forbid I have to use deadly force. I used to be an NRA member but not anymore. You drive a car with insurance (most of us lol) why not have insurance when you carry?


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