Save or Sell?? Chrome BCG

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    I'm in need of some advice and was hoping to get some feedback on here:

    Back in Feb I ordered a (Backordered) Chrome BCG From RRA (Stock # AR0032AGRPC), costing me $182, to complete a build on my Spike's AR. As time went on, I completely forgot about ordering it, and ended up buying a DPMS Titanium Nitride BCG for $210 off a guy on here.

    Fast forward to Yesterday, Aug 27th, 6 months later, this BCG from RRA shows up on my doorstep! It's brand new, I opened the package just to wipe off the packaging oil from it, and I have NO CLUE what I should do with it.

    So here lies the question: Sell it or Save it? I also have a DTI Complete AR, stock everything, bought off the shelf at L & L guns, and it's about a year old with maybe 250 rounds through it.

    So what would you do? Sell it? Keep it? Switch the Stock BCG in the DTI and sell THAT one instead?

    Any and all advice is appreciated.

    Thank you and Semper Fi.
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    If you need the money sell it, if your are good, keep it and save it for a later build. JMO

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