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Range Day-Red Dot Zero and Reload Testing

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by vmkeith, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. vmkeith

    vmkeith Vancouver, Washington, United States Member

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    I finally made it out to the range and managed to accomplish 2 things...sighting in my Bushnell Trophy 1x32 Red Dot scope and testing out my reloads with my 6.8mm SPC AR15. All my reloads were shot using a Nikon Pro Staff 2-7x32mm scope, not my red dot. Rather than overload this post with pictures, I'll just post the links.

    The weather today was almost perfect for the winter...for SW Washington anyway. Mostly sunny, no wind, and 39 degrees. I had no feeding issues, 1 FTF, and no FTE. I think the biggest result of shooting my reloads, besides seeing the accuracy, was no signs of over pressure...no swipes were seen on the brass and the ejection pattern was good to go.

    50 yard zero-Bushnell Trophy 1x32 Red Dot using Hornady 120gr SSTs.

    SSA brass, Rem 7 1/2 SRP, 110gr SPHs, C.O.A.L 1.676", O.A.L. 2.275" to 2.28"

    Target 1-27gr to 27.4gr of H322

    Target 2-27.6gr to 28gr of H322

    Target 3-28.2gr to 28.8gr of H322

    Most accurate: 27.8gr of H322. 1st 5 shot group .648". 2nd 5 shot grop .774".

    Rem brass, CCI BR2 LRP, 110gr SPHs, C.O.A.L. 1.678" to 1.686" (no trimming needed), O.A.L. 2.275" to 2.28"

    Target 1-27gr to 27.6gr of H322

    Target 2-27.8gr to 28.2gr of H322

    Target 3-28.4gr to 28.8gr of H322

    Most accurate: 27.2gr of H322. 1st 5 shot group .942". 2nd 5 shot group 1.119".

    Now it's time to fine tune these recipes, but I still have 76 rounds of Hornady brass reloads to shoot. I'll also have to try different bullets and powders, but I'll worry about that later.
  2. vmkeith

    vmkeith Vancouver, Washington, United States Member

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    Made another trip to the range today to finish out testing my initial batches of reloads. I previously shot Rem and SSA brass reloads. Today was Hornady brass reloads.

    Rifle: Noveske Rouge Hunter 6.8mm SPC.
    Barrel: 16", 3-groove polygonal, 1:12 twist
    Weather: 49 degrees, Sunny, Wind 20mph
    Brass: Hornady Once Fired
    Primer: Rem 7 1/2 SRP
    Powder: Hodgdon H322
    Bullet: 110gr Sierra Pro Hunter
    Distance: 100 yards

    27 to 27.2gr

    27.4 to 27.6gr

    27.8 to 28gr

    28.2 to 28.4gr

    28.6 to 28.8gr

    Best group of the day was .567" using 28.2gr of H322. However, since I was shooting two 5 shot groups for each powder load, my best combo group was .996" and .967" using 28.4gr of H322.
  3. deadshot2

    deadshot2 NW Quadrant WA State Well-Known Member

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    I'd also give another try with some of those loads that show very little vertical spread, even though they are fairly large horizontally. The horizontal spread could well be a function of wind, amount of cheek pressure on stock, or trigger control.