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Got a nice blank from a PA supplier to use for my waitlisted Kibler Southern Mtn Rifle .45 Flintlock.
The rifle pics are of a similar gun my builder recently completed.
If anybody would like my builder’s info, PM me. Allen is very talented, reasonable, and has access to some stellar blanks.

619576F1-2B96-42CD-A91B-39B934105D4A.jpeg 4F029BAD-6E73-4620-9F0F-5F8C9E509DBA.jpeg F4AE2107-34F9-4EA4-A0A0-17FD76E14BE1.jpeg EE9E8E8C-ECF7-4107-993A-8EFDAA795C16.jpeg 1270C44E-AF0D-4F47-A86C-84194E8F2681.png 11DD5067-785F-462E-B45C-4DA22C41FB81.png 31F38C3D-2578-42D5-BA9C-B39FC7AB273F.png 06D3C559-730A-46AC-8C02-69C60A481CDA.png 53CA8CCF-28E7-4A44-9EAA-9FF80CE40733.png 2F3002F6-66E3-4900-9AEF-332771252FFC.png
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