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Got a nice blank from a PA supplier to use for my waitlisted Kibler Southern Mtn Rifle .45 Flintlock.
The rifle pics are of a similar gun my builder recently completed.
If anybody would like my builder’s info, PM me. Allen is very talented, reasonable, and has access to some stellar blanks.

619576F1-2B96-42CD-A91B-39B934105D4A.jpeg 4F029BAD-6E73-4620-9F0F-5F8C9E509DBA.jpeg F4AE2107-34F9-4EA4-A0A0-17FD76E14BE1.jpeg EE9E8E8C-ECF7-4107-993A-8EFDAA795C16.jpeg 1270C44E-AF0D-4F47-A86C-84194E8F2681.png 11DD5067-785F-462E-B45C-4DA22C41FB81.png 31F38C3D-2578-42D5-BA9C-B39FC7AB273F.png 06D3C559-730A-46AC-8C02-69C60A481CDA.png 53CA8CCF-28E7-4A44-9EAA-9FF80CE40733.png 2F3002F6-66E3-4900-9AEF-332771252FFC.png


UK is no longer in the EU - THAT seems to be the issue these days. Most every US-based company has suddenly ceased trading altogether with the UK.

As for a gun-control issue, well, yes. It could be shipped to an RFD [the UK version of a FFL] for the buyer to collect IAW the legal requirements.

Or to the buyer who already has a space on his Firearms Certificate for, say, a .50cal black powder rifle. He would have to collect it from the POE in person, WITH his FAC, and show it to HM Customs and Excise, who are legally permitted to enter it on his FAC as a new gun.

Y'see, in UK a kit with the touch-hole bored, even though it's in bits, it still classed as a Section 1 firearm.

Expandin on that, anybody buying it here could have it sent to the RFD, who would then do the registration and 'sell' it to the person ordering it. After having put it all together, it would have to be officially subjected to gun proof, either in the London or Birmingham Proof House. That alone costs around $150. IF the buyer/builder did not intend to pass it on, the for his own use it would not need to be proofed. But he can not sell it without it having been proofed.. If he suddenly snuffed it and his widder-woman was left with it, she would have to hand it in for destruction or to a RFD. But HE would have to have it proofed before he could sell it. That's the law since Henry viii.
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