I have had the worst experience with I was wondering if this is typical or unique to me. The back story: I ordered a barrel for one of my XDm's. At the time the web page asked that I allowed 4 to 6 weeks. at the six week mark they changed the lead time to eight to ten weeks. At the ten week mark they changed the lead time to sixteen to twenty weeks. After inquiring to the expected date of my order, I was told that they were canceling my order. So affter holding my money (200 bucks not a big deal, but still my cash) for 12 weeks they caned me. WTF. I have two 5.25 barrels I could have threaded weeks ago If I would have known how crappy this company would treat me.

Is this experience one of a kind or is this a trend?

I wanted to vent, and ask if there is a pattern to this crappy service.

Thanks for your time.
Probably not their fault at all, they were waiting for a shipment of the barrels and they didn't come in as expected. Happens all the time since manufacturers would rather produce full unit than just sell parts.

But you might have one legitimate gripe if you paid by CC: they are not allowed to charge your account till shipping actually occurs.

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I feel that the poor customer Service is exactly there fault. I am very understanding of unforeseen problems. It was there lack of communication and consern that bothered me. I just wanted to warm other members of business practices I encountered

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