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But but no one needs an AR15....

Glad the son was there to protect the other residence. I hope for his sake the use of force was proportional to the threat he faced.
Good guy with a gun +3
Dumb thieves - zero

If one breaks into your home and is in possession of any type of weapon, I would hope to God you'd be justified in taking them out...

Sounds like one smart 23 year old, too bad he'll deal with psychological impact of taking another's life for the rest of his life...

The gene pool is a bit clearer now...
"Kid" is on a +3 kill streak.

This is great. Two leveled in the kitchen and a third made it to the driveway.

Nobody can hope for a more positive outcome.

A buddy sent me this:

What are we betting on?

4:1 odds it was "an assault rifle" on MSNBC.

6:1 odds it was "an assault-style rifle" on CNN.

8:1 odds the dad is a criminal for not having his "assault rifle/assault-style rifle" locked up.

2:1 odds the suspects were black.

He forgot 3:1 suspects were good kids and were just about to turn their lives around.

And 1:1 on a package of bubblegums
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