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  1. CountryGent

    Miniature Guns for the Fascist Youth: Italian Balilla Carbines

    Interesting history and design, despite the political association. Parenthetically, Francoist Spain also had a similar youth organization (Frente de Juventudes). At least one photo I've seen of them shows youths carrying old Remington rolling blocks. (This particular formation may be the...
  2. filsonhand

    Youth Rifle Options for Deer Hunting

    Hello All I am looking for some input in the realm of lightweight deer hunting for a small frame new hunter. Western Oregon region under 200 yards Thanks for any input
  3. CountryGent

    Introducing youth to muzzleloading?

    Sort of a tangent on other threads (and the fact we're getting set to have wee ones active in 4—H); how should one go about introducing young people to the wonderful world of muzzleloaders? Tips, tricks, or pitfalls to avoid? Thanks. :)
  4. NStone23

    Youth Hunting?

    My son just got done with his hunter ed course, we bought the youth sports pac and are going to hunt for deer or elk, do we need anything else?
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