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Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by ikemay, Aug 27, 2014.

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    As some of you may (or may not) remember, back in June in another thread I asked "Which on would you join?". Myself along with a few others mentioned not really wanting the extra mailings that come with NRA memberships.

    Back when I received my membership information they included a questionnaire about what publications I read, types of firearms I shoot, shooting activities, etc.

    What I did was this. I did not fill out the questionnaire but I did staple a typed note with my name and membership number, requesting to "op-out" of any and all mailings/offers except where my membership was concerned, but that email correspondence was acceptable. So far I am happy to report that I have not received anything in the mail from the NRA or affiliated groups. So, it appears (thus far) that this is the way to stop receiving unwanted mail, by sending a respectful request to not receive any.

    I will keep you posted if this changes and if I start receiving unwanted mail. But so far, so good.

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    That is awesome! thanks for the info. I let my membership lapse sometime ago because they just kept bombarding me with the mailings. I did rejoin when Obama became president. I would like to throw props to OFF Oregon Firearms Federation, I get current updates on Oregon stuff which usually will be coming from the NRA 2 weeks later. So give OFF a shot, its a 1 time donation and your a member and you get the e-mail updates, from time to time I have responded to them and he (Kevin Starret) would respond. So I give a thumbs up to OFF, but I join the NRA because they have the numbers.
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    They used to call. Last time they did, I asked to be removed from their call list. Have not heard from them since.
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    It is wise to support the NRA, GOA and in Oregon OFF.
    OSSA, the Oregon arm of the NRA is mostly concerned with range issues.
    OFF does 99% of the state battles. Don't be sucked in by other Orgs or lobby groups locally. Kevin is a
    hard worker and has been for decades now.
    On the National Level the NRA has the Clout and So does GOA. They do some things differently but they
    are our strongest ally in keeping the 2nd Amendment intact.
    There are many that bad mouth the NRA for one thing or another, but be smart, and go Learn their history and beginnings and you might be very surprised by how they started. They were the first civil rights group in the US, they trained most of our Military and Police since WWI and train 98% of the people that train both LE and Military. There is so much that they do, it is good to learn about them directly and not take 2nd hand commentary to heart.
    Been a Life Member since the 50's and glad of it.
    If you want some change in the NRA and want them to compromise less, Join as a Life or Higher member and you have voting rights in who runs the organization.
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