'm kinda trying to figure out how you would carry it.
Just glue on a few knobs and voila...

Yep I was thinking ad an antenna, carry it on your shoulder, and definitely gotta have your pants down to your knees. I would name it the ghetto blaster. Not sure if they got that copyrighted back in the day?

Rather have the original version of the magpul though.

Last Edited:
I was thinking along the line of a survival weapon. But only the carbine version. That folds handily away and stows in your airplane. Until you splash down in Alaska or similar. Then it's there, should you survive the crash. But absent a crash, just sits there waiting, doesn't get used.

Okay, the pistol version shows a sling loop on the back of the flip-out part. Which I take it is for attachment to a strap that loops around your shoulder. The carbine version, not shown in the video, will have an actual stabilizing shoulder stock but will require expensive US Treasury paperwork to own. They didn't discuss any of this on the video. At their website, they mention that the pistol version will be convertible to a carbine version with the purchase of the carbine stock. The pistol version with a strap for stabilization is useless to me.

The guys in the video seemed most impressed with the way the extension piece flips out. The novelty isn't worth two grand.

I had to use the CC feature to view the video. The bearded guy was a mumbler.

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