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International No guns? Just use something else


WA AJ Ferguson is writing the bill...
I had a quick look at Mr. Ferguson on Google. He would definitely not be a fan of wooden, automatic crossbows. Seems like the kind of fellow who will eventually want to ban all pointy objects - for your own good, of course.

This story from Germany is a perfect illustration of how ineffective the gun control laws really are. If people want to commit murder/suicide, they’ll find a way. Whether they use a crossbow or a pressure cooker, they’ll get the job done.
Sounds like a cult thing.
Not much of a linguist here but just how would "Drinking the Kool-Aid" translate to shoot each other with a crossbow in german?
Maybe this will end up being another of those incidents where the message was sent too late, ya know like the email that went out abit late or was misinterpreted by the "Heaven's Gate" group, remember that one "Comet late don't drink the Kool-Aid" if only they had paid attention.
Of course in Germany it may have just been another attempt to cleanse the gene pool gone wrong.:confused:


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Cerberus Training Group
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