Multnomah Co. CHL confidentiality letter


Received this in the mail yesterday. Thought I would share, please forgive if someone has already posted this. I don't have the 2nd page scanned because I already mailed it in. The 2nd page gives you 3 fixed choices for why you don't want your info released and a 4th option to write your own reason in.

P.S. I never received this first letter that they spoke of.
Did they send out another letter. I got a letter like this about a year ago. Might be a good idea to print out the form from the link above and and make sure to cover your bases.

I might have my weapons in safes but that doesnt mean I want someone to test them out for me.
...I keep meaning to send mine in, no reason to make it easy for a BG to find out that I have guns in the house or that I carry. I was just now taking a break from sorting the filing cabinet! So perfect timing to see this. Gonna grab it out of the filing cabinet now, fill it out & send it in.
Got Mine. The wife's hasn't come yet. what I want to know is WHO is requesting to know who I am!!!!!!!!!!
Is it possible that thief's can check the status of gun owners?
Gun grabbers making a secret list?
Black suits?
I don't like it at all. My letter is going in tomorrow.
renew this year I checked all four boxes. A year or so ago I got a letter from them asking if I wanted my data kept "secret". Naturally I said "YES"


The "Trade Rating" is low by 3
Not everyone posts it I guess.

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Good to see that Multmomah is finally catching up with what the other counties did a few years ago.
Yes Crook County did this several years back, at the time the issue in the south part of the state came up (Grants Pass?). I think we all owe the LE community a big thank you for doing this.
ya i got mine from klamath last year and filled it out. for some reason there are people that think it is there business to know who has a chl . well i say if for some reason they ever are able to find out and post it in the newspaper or wherever they post it. well i think it would have to be public knowledge of who requested our information also . so we just post in the newspaper that those people are obviously unarmed . ill bet they change there tune after that

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