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I definitely would love to see more states do this. I know WA State won't, but perhaps some counties east of the Cascades would do it -- that would be hilarious and cool.
This has me thinking since this morning when I heard about “Jihad Watch” being booted from Patreon because MasterCard flexed their muscle against Patreon...

If they’re an “engine” of commerce that’s part of a “trust” (and Visa, MasterCard, etc, are just that... private companies or not) and basically part of the backbone (if not THE backbone) of financial banking & transactions in the modern world basically making them a public utility, then they should be REQUIRED to honor ALL LAWFUL transactions and NEVER be allowed to weaponize their systems to deprive LEGAL commerce for ANY reason.... PERIOD!!

You think politicians are the real enemy? Look deeper..... “bankers” have always been the driving “power behind the powers” since the beginning of time and that dude sitting in “that cave” trading shiny shells and rocks for meat to eat, and women to fondle.

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It was close though, a 6-7 vote. Nice to see those two banks getting a solid message.
The story is a little bit misleading, but it gets the point across.

Those banks also issue lines of credit for various retailers, realtors, and vendors. For example, Citi does the credit for Home Depot. If you needed materials for improvements to your gun store, additional land to build or expand your range, they'd cut you off and even demand immediate payment of past debts.

It's not just about guns, it's about small business and LEGAL commerce. Strong arm tactics through collections to put people out of business in the name of virtue signaling. Maybe it's time for the board to ashcan the SJW CEOs..

I quit BOTH of those two... Citi in the 90s, BofA around 2010.
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