A highway is any public road or other public way on land. It is used for major roads, but also includes other public roads and public tracks: It is not an equivalent term to freeway (motorway), or a translation for autobahn, autoroute, etc.
In North American and Australian English, major roads such as controlled-access highways or arterial roads are often state highways (Canada: provincial highways). Other roads may be designated "county highways" in the US and Ontario. These classifications refer to the level of government (state, provincial, county) that maintains the roadway.
In British English, "highway" is primarily a legal term. Everyday use normally implies roads, while the legal use covers any route or path with a public right of access, including footpaths etc.
The term has led to several related derived terms, including highway system, highway code, highway patrol and highwayman.
The term highway exists in distinction to "waterway".

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  1. Vaultman

    Ghost of Highway 20 (Oregonlive)

    Not sure if any of you are following the Oregonian's series on the Ghost of Highway 20... I am not an Oregonian Fanboy, but I think so far this is a very well written/produced piece. As someone that wasn't around this area then (or really even born yet) it is really interesting to read about...
  2. awshoot

    Other State  Louisiana prohibits Anti-2A banks from $600M Highway Project

    Louisiana bars banks from $600M deal because of gun policies LOL. Citgroup and BofA won't be allowed to finance interstate highway projects in Louisiana because of their retrograde 2A policies. Want to see more of this elsewhere.
  3. A

    Anywhere to shoot up Highway 26 towards Mt. Hood?

    Hey all! I'm looking for a safe place to shoot up towards Mt. Hood. I have some favorites out in Estacada, but I have a few other guys that want to get out Thursday night and we don't have 3 hours of driving time available and we are the Gresham area, a 30-45 minute drive up the mountain would...
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