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Kline and Murray lie about warrantless searches in WA assault weapon bill

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by 8ball, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. 8ball

    8ball WA Quit talkin' and start chalking!

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  2. Kable

    Kable Lynnwood Active Member

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  3. twigg107

    twigg107 Port Orchard New Member

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    So they amitted that they don't read what what they sign....... Sounds like they need to get off facebook and start doing the damn jobs!
  4. duane black

    duane black Washington Well-Known Member

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    Just unreal right ? Especially a bill if this magnitude. I'm so tired of these retarded politicians.

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  5. Caveman Jim

    Caveman Jim West of Oly Springer Slayer 2016 Volunteer

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    Incompetent Liars!!!! Plus the fact they said they will attack the law abiding gun owners.
    I have no respect for any Dems!!!
    They send us form letter responses so I did it to all of my worthless gubers, here is my response to this treasonis ploy:

    To all of my Washington elected officials,
    Being that all of the replies to my requests that I received about future gun control legislation in this state brought back generic responses, I'll give you the same response.
    I most likely did not vote for any of you because of your views of infringing on the constitutional rights of ALL law abiding gun owners. You have failed to represent ALL of the constituents in your districts by turning a deaf ear to the facts that society is not guilty of the acts of the few who would do harm to others with guns. It is the deranged minds that will do whatever it takes to carry out their demented acts on innocent citizens and not the law abiding gun owners.
    By the recent acts of Democratic legislators in Washington state, I and my fellow family and friends are left to believe that your party, like many in other states, will not waste a good tragedy to push ill-conceived gun control legislation that, as the VPOTUS Joe Biden even said, that it will do nothing to prevent any mass tragedies in the future.
    So you may ask yourselves "What are we supposed to do then?" I will tell you to do what you pledged to do when you were elected into office, uphold the constitution you swore to protect!!!
    I hope you remember this quote that rings true even to this day.
    "We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker.
    It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his own actions."
    In your response to this citizens plea that you at least listen to ALL of the voters in Washington, please let me know who was quoted above.
    Regards, Jim Harper Sr.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2013
  6. nwdrifter

    nwdrifter troutdale oregon Active Member

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    they need to pass a law that if the sign a bill the didnt read they are immediately expelled from office. Welcome to todays politics. "I know whats best for you, I just hope its in the bill i voted for but didnt read"
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  7. bikejunkie

    bikejunkie Salem Well-Known Member

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    You mean like Obamacare where Pelosi said "We have to pass it to know what's in it?" I mean once a bill is passed do they only then pass out the secret decoder rings capable of deciphering the new legislation. And the dunces in this country keep reelecting these fools. I guess in that respect they are representative of us- the average American is content to be a stupid idiot domineered by work, government, etc- if we just let government have all the power and decision making power it frees up more time to watch reality TV...I think Im gonna go throw up
  8. PMKN_PI

    PMKN_PI Milwaukie, Oregon, United States Active Member

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    And tazed in the gentailia every hour on the hour for 5 years, with a one hour break per day (because I am merciful)
  9. Luieburger

    Luieburger El Paso, TX Member

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    Come and take them.
  10. PiratePast40

    PiratePast40 Willamette Valley Well-Known Member

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    This is exactly why we all need to stay engaged. These people will stop at nothing when it comes to getting their way. There is nothing here about public safety, it's all about "winning". Charlie Sheen could be their poster boy. They live in their own world. I see them as cowards, imagining that they are saving children, when the truth is that they only care about appearance and their own ratings.
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  11. kumabear17

    kumabear17 Issaquah Active Member

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    There seems to be a little more in the actual Seattle Time's piece by Danny Westneat, Senator Murray appears to be saying something like we want to start getting people use to this type of think. Danny Westneat reports:
    "The prime sponsor, Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, also condemned the search provision in his own bill, after I asked him about it. He said Palmer is right that it’s probably unconstitutional.
    “I have to admit that shouldn’t be in there,” Murray said. He said he came to realize that an assault-weapons ban has little chance of passing this year anyway. So he put in this bill more as “a general statement, as a guiding light of where we need to go.” Without sweating all the details."
    "Probably unconsitutional"? This is the type of thinking running our State and our Country?
  12. mortar maggot

    mortar maggot western wa Active Member

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    This is why we need to keep an eye on these treasonous people.

    For obvious and blatant violations of the Constitution, like this any member that signed onto or votes for a bill such as this should be removed from office immediatly.
  13. Cigarlvr313

    Cigarlvr313 Washougal Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I agree 100% Mortar! We need to let our employees know that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.
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  14. Clarkie46

    Clarkie46 Near Portland, OR Member

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    Whatever the real reason these legislators signed on to this bill, it demonstrates LOUDLY that they and/or their staff cannot be trusted.
  15. quneur

    quneur Mukilteo, Wa Member

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    "a guiding light of where we need to go."

    That part frightens me more. AWB no matter the cost including warrant-less search & seizures and imprisonment. It shows his true colors.
  16. whiskeybill

    whiskeybill Battle Ground, WA Well-Known Member

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    "I didn't read the bill" seems to be one of those talking points that the democrats use quite regularly, from John Conyers to Nancy Pelosi. In other words, it's a scripted excuse for when they get caught. Very juvenile. It's like a little kid getting caught at something and the parent or teacher confronts them about it. The response is always directed to a "nameless, faceless They", or "Gee, I didn't know". This was a small eight page bill, and no one read it?? Really?? And these are responsible adult lawmakers??
  17. ak56

    ak56 Carnation, Wa Active Member

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    I don't believe for a moment that Kline did not know the search provision was in there, considering this bill appears to be based on his own bill from a few years ago, that had the exact same provision in it.
  18. Cigarlvr313

    Cigarlvr313 Washougal Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I wrote all 3 sponsors. The first time was before they got caught and the second time was after. The only one to respond was Sen. Kohl-Welles and she also told me that she didn't have time to read the bill before adding her name to it. She also said she wanted to have a reasonable discussion about gun control and which guns were necessary for a citizen to own to protect his/her family/property.........letter #3 is on its way........
  19. Bushman

    Bushman Auburn, WA Well-Known Member

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    Idiot politicians. Those bubbleguming morons need to get real jobs instead of legislating things that don't apply to them, elevating themselves above us. bubbleguming idiots!!!
  20. joeroket

    joeroket Everett,Wa. Active Member

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    She's full of crap. She was part of the same bill a couple of years ago. She knew damned well what was in it. So did Kline.
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