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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Bill Siegle, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Ok total newbie getting started with reloading and I have chosen a Lee Loader set up and 45Colt. I have bought some new brass along with some I saved and I have some large handgun primers inbound. I want to build some target ammo in the 800-900fps range. I am looking for suggestions on what powder(s) to use and how best(cheapest really) to clean my brass. I was thinking of using lead bullets in semi wad cutter form but the choices are wide. I would appreciate any advice I can get. Thanks!
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    I use 12gr blue dot for 230, 250 and 260gr I also use unique @8.5gr these will be in the FPS you want. I didnt bother cleaning my brass until 3 loads in but you can use the liquid brass cleaner and air dry. I have an old rock tumbler that I use walnut media in to tumble when needed. Been wanting to get a sonic cleaner but have not yet.

    If you want or need any info/help just let me know. This is the cartridge that I started with as well and just the savings for the 45lc paid for the initial investment. Depending on the firearm you have I also have a favorite load for 300gr bullets.
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    I use HS6 (9.0 to 9.3 GR) with 250 GR Cast FP from Missouri Bullet Co.
    This was my first project with the same equipment too; I started with LP Mag primers but I backed off and went with reg primers because of leading.

    I clean my cases with corn in a Lyman tumbler; sometimes I add a little hoppies #9 or car wax.

    On the LC, I take the time to seal the primers because they are exposed to the rain when in the cylinder or cowboy belts.

    I found a "bandwidth-burner" about the LC online; if you want to see this lengthy document, send me a PM with your email.

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