Interesting Thoughts from Reason on Guns, Violence and Mental Illness

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    The Truth About Mental Illness and Guns -

    My takeaway - never get psychological help.

    That is completely wrong. But if the government pays for the sessions - they know about the sessions. Or, if the councilors have to report, due to the laws, then the government knows about the sessions. Even if the government doesn't get the specifics, they learn you sought out mental health care.

    I get that mental health professionals have to reports if they believe harm (violence) is imminent.
    But, we all go through things in our life, which we should talk to someone to work thru. No harm is going to happen.

    Would this apply to such sessions as pre-marital counseling?
    Would we send up a red flag if we asked if the counselor has to report that we are taking sessions?

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