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That's the thing about "big companies". Their entire goal is profits and their business decisions are rarely... solely ideological. If the projections say they stand to profit more by supporting woke ideology or reduce the market share of their competitors... they will. If the numbers say they stand to see reduced profit margins... they will adjust policies to compensate. Money doesn't "have" feelings.

They may be able to stand losing the business of one state. Standing strong in their policies may bolster even greater profits in other states, but if they suddenly find themselves unable to do business in multiple states, there is going to be a policy shift.

Capitalism, being what it is, the companies are more reliant on the states than the states are on the companies. There will always be some other company that will fill a demand void. Always and without fail.

A companies customer base is not so readily replaceable and is finite.
Its an interesting law but it reminds me of sanctuary laws... red and blue cities enacted them in response to the other... but in the end undocumented immigrants are still illegal and BGC/gun registrations are still the law.

So will antigun states pass laws to stop doing business with companies or states that are pro gun?
Laws like sanctuary laws, reparations declarations, anti-ATF laws, etc are, in my opinion, never meant to be actually used.

When they are, well, just type in San Fran Reevaluating Boycott in any search engine and see a real life example.

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