A vehicle registration plate, also known as a number plate (British English) or a license plate (American English and Canadian English), is a metal or plastic plate attached to a motor vehicle or trailer for official identification purposes. All countries require registration plates for road vehicles such as cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Whether they are required for other vehicles, such as bicycles, boats, or tractors, may vary by jurisdiction. The registration identifier is a numeric or alphanumeric ID that uniquely identifies the vehicle or vehicle owner within the issuing region's vehicle register. In some countries, the identifier is unique within the entire country, while in others it is unique within a state or province. Whether the identifier is associated with a vehicle or a person also varies by issuing agency. There are also electronic license plates.

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  1. G

    State of Alabama Reversal: Allows Gun Store Owner to keep LGB... license plate

  2. NWGlockgal

    New Wildlife License plate

    Oregon Wildlife Foundation is selling vouchers in order to produce a new license plate. I think it's a pretty cool looking plate. They need to sell 3,000 vouchers in order to get the state to start production of the plate. Info is available at myowf.org/watchforwildlife
  3. BigGame

    Oregon Drivers - Get "Watch For Wildlife" Specialty License Plate

    A new Oregon license plate where the extra $40 you pay will go to building safe wildlife road crossings for migrating animals. They need to pre-sell 3000 of the plates before the DMV will put them into production. And it's a good looking plate regardless (mule deer with Mt. Hood in the...
  4. ATCclears

    Digital Recognition Network (DRN) for license plates

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