How much ammo is "enough"


I grabbed two because that is how many hands I have. I think I have one or two more.

As you might guess, I buy ammo in large quantities - driving 30 minutes into town on the off chance I can get 100 rounds of ammo just isn't worth it for me, not when I already have plenty. In 2017 I paid $18/50 of SS197SR (40 gr VMax) and $16/50 for FMJ from PSA, and I got a lot of my ammo with guns I bought so I did get it fairly inexpensively. A lot of the ammo I've seen advertised is close to $1/round.
You mentioned 3 family members and I was assuming you were arming everyone with 5.7. Anyway, I definitely got into the 5.7 game late, but I'm still glad I did. That Ruger 57 is a blast and 20 rounds per mag makes it nearly as fun as the PM -30. Wish me luck on finding a PS-90.:s0158:


Unfortunately, SHTF not going to be like getting pined up in a Dorito or diving for the Snake. If at my house sure, then I am a back player in the home position dumping every pod on my overstuffed load out at everything that moves on the other side. (paintballers will get it) Out in the real streets, it's all about light and fast lighter loadout with resupply in the trucks and 4 other locations in the area.
Since my bugout location is already my home location, that's exactly the scenario I'm planning for. I have several acres of forest and I plan on letting any bad guys come to me.
When this last schmuckitelli (March-ish) hit and the wife and daughters panicked for TP, I logged into NF to see WhatsWhat. Added Ammo and Gunz to the list of concerns after beer n dog food.
Then, I asked myself "What's wrong with my head?" Wife and daughters unloaded their cars and screeched that Freddies was all sold out. What to do!? I said "we have enough! No Panic!" They were dumbfounded! How? Stupid Fart (ME) bought on the QT for the past few years. Hidden on the 3rd shelf back in the Barn. (not true, never disclose your stash).Whenever I visited Bi-Mart I bought a box (550) of .22 , or a cute plastic case of .223 in 55 grain size. Shotgun ammo to be had in bulk. 5 gallon homer buckets of rice n beans, spices. Let's just sit and watch the free entertainment. So what to do next? Will it all blow over next week?
I mean,
Murder hornets
Corona virus
State of mind is: "There's room for a shelf over there" Put one up. Pay off that bill. What to do with that money now? AMMO AND FOOD ON THE NEW SHELF!
Sooo how much is enough? When i started to feel the panic and hysteria ease off. When I stood in the garage with a package of ,,, in my hand asking myself "why did I buy this?" When my mind had more time to think about murder hornet traps. Chatting with a LLEO and his wife, his wife complaining she couldn't find 9mm anywhere! I can help them so she can keep up her practicing. Whats LLEO? Local LEO ( I knew someone would ask)


Just think, We could go back to the late 1800s and trade a "Shot" loaded cartridge for a SHOT of Whiskey! ;)
@Andy54Hawken might have to come up with a different barter, as his shots are all loose, might have to have two shot glasses, one for him to dump powder and ball for payment, and the other for shootin purposes! :D
Please no smoking if I do this...:eek: :D
This thread shows that it’s an individual requirement. I feel uncomfortable below 2000 rounds for the go-to guns in my collection: 5.56x45, 7.62x39, 9x19, 7.62x51, and I have much more than that for 7.62x39. For less common cartridges, 100-1000 may be enough.
For a first time gun owner, once they've picked their weapon, how much ammo is a "reasonable" amount to keep on hand for practice, self defense, extra mags loaded, easily portable if needing to "bug out", or trading for the apocalypse, etc before you start getting "toilet paper hoarding" level absurd? 1K rounds?
at least 500 rounds per each firearm with what is going on now here in the U.S.A. more if you can find it. good luck
Qty depends on usage and your ability to forcast the future.

Those who train often and compete in 1-2 matches monthly will want more than those who go to the range once a year.

For moderate training, I'd venture to guess 1,000-2,000 on hand provided you can easily replace it.
For a first time gun owner, once they've picked their weapon, how much ammo is a "reasonable" amount to keep on hand for practice, self defense, extra mags loaded, easily portable if needing to "bug out", or trading for the apocalypse, etc before you start getting "toilet paper hoarding" level absurd? 1K rounds?
When you can afford it...KEEP BUYING!!!! You never have enough!!!

It is an individual matter depending on the shooter and his/her shooting habits.

Throw in a bunch of other factors which are too long to list here.

I used to be a high volume shooter. I planned my shooting budget and supplies in RF and CF a year at a time. Ten thousand rounds or so. Much, much more in RF ammo. Then when I went to RF only shooting - I went to 10,000 rounds minimum for my level in 22lr.

I got out of owning, shooting and carrying handguns and only went to rifle shooting due to some physical issues.

Later on, I went way, way down from my high volume shooting days due to my physical issues not just due to my age. (I am 70 years old now.)

In the last few years, I have hardly shot other than keeping up my self defense shooting SKILLS and keeping up my firearm safety written and physical skills. So my minimum level there was much, much lower. Way low... I gave my MT husband MOST of my extra - on hand 22lr ammunition.

WE rotate our ammunition and since one or two of us always shot a lot and often - we really NEVER had so called OLD or older ammunition (RF or CF) in stock in our home like some people have in their supplies. Factory or my husband's reloaded ammo.

Right now, with everything going on in this country and OTHER reasons, I upped my bare minimum level AGAIN even though it is much LOWER than many years ago.

I got a new CZ bolt action rifle too. I ended up getting my 'second ever in my life' 22wmr Caliber rifle. (My previous beautiful walnut, heavier, sweet lever action rifle in 22wmr Caliber was sold.)

So for me, my bare minimum level is UP again even though it is not HIGH compared to other people. I do what works for ME and not for my husband or other people when it comes to any tool or thing that I USE or own.

I have 1,000 rounds of 22lr and 1,000 rounds of 22wmr in my own ammo cans. They are SET TO GO in case of a fire. I can handle this even using a cane with 2 trips and arthritis on a 'bad day'.

My husband shoots 250 to 300 rounds total of RF and CF ammunition PER week since he retired right now. Mainly in RF - 22lr shooting. YEAR round in this climate (MT). That is for now and who knows what will happen in the FUTURE when it comes to any issue?!

The smoke has been horrible and he tried shooting a bit on Monday and GAVE UP - he came home after shooting 50 rounds and speaking with his buddy at the range. I do NOT know when he will be back again at the range since you can hardly BREATHE even with a mask on due to the toxic smoke from all over including here in MT not just from ID, WA, OR, and CA.

I have been physically sick, emotionally WORN DOWN due to this SMOKE and the fires and up and down for days now. Many issues there even though we have a good system working here at home but I am VERY sensitive to all of this TOXIC SMOKE. I have NEVER gotten used to fire season since I moved here and my MT born and raised husband said that it has only gotten worse and lasts for MONTHS ON END for the last 20 years for sure. So if he does not go to the RANGE - it is really BAD for him since he is used to the smoke.

He has enough RF to shoot for one year based on HIS shooting habits.

He does NOT reload LOTS of ammo ahead of time especially since he NO longer competes and since he is retired now. He used to do this but NOT any longer. He always planned ahead. He has supplies (Newer and not OLD stuff.) on hand to make his own ammo. So his reloaded ammo might be in those 20, 50 to 100 rounds - green plastic cases depending on the firearm caliber. Example: .223, 30-30 Win, 30-06, 45-70 AND in 45acp.

He still KEEPS some FACTORY ammunition on hand in 2 cans. One can holds 45acp and the other can holds 30-30 Win. They are not loose and kept in their sealed, clean and newer factory boxes inside of each can.

ALL of this is and has been set up 'year round' due to any type of weather or man made emergency situation.

So if I can take x amount with a plan and he can take x amount with a plan even if he or I have to LEAVE y and z behind... that is our plan.

And what might work for ME (Firearm or ammunition or caliber wise.) may NOT work for him or any other person. Vice versa.

And IF it really got bad fire wise... it might come down to 50 to 100 rounds of ammo and only 1 to 2 firearms because you never know just how fast you have to move even though a person is prepared.

Take care and good shooting to you too!

Old Lady Cate
I own 3 50 cal army cans. my guns are 9mm, 38/357, and 12 Guage.
What I did was to put equal amounts of each cal in each can. That way if can grab 1 can i am set, 2 cans better and lol. oh yes I have 9mm box of 50 in the car. My motor home has a bunch of each. plus my gun bags have more 9 and 12 in each.
it really is not about quantity but how much you can carry in the event of having to leave.


You mentioned magazines. My husband conceals most of the time and he open carries on and off too. He ALWAYS has his carry gun ON his body - holstered if he has his jeans on. He has extra loaded magazines ready to go too. That 45acp ammunition is rotated on a regular basis. He does this with his 22lr pistol too. He does NOT carry 2 pistols at one time but if he had to do this - he probably could @ 6' 1" tall.

He only carries where it is 'legal' too. So there are a couple of places, two of them, where he can't carry that I can think of unless he gets stuck with jury duty with the Feds or State down the road and that would make it THREE places off hand.

Best wishes to you again.

Old Lady Cate
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