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I got a really nice Barret Rec 7 6.8 spc 16" with the a.r.m.s rail system I'm going to sell and wondering what others might think roughly it's worth or I should ask for it.

I also have a lower parts kit and spare firing pin from Barret

I also have ammo can full of American eagle rounds for it.

I'm the original owner and have maybe 80 rounds through it.

It is really accurate and precise and one of the more accurate ar15s I have shot.

The 6.8 really packs a punch and completely obliterates milk jugs filled with water and is one of the funnest rifles to blow things up that I own.

Hate to see it go but life has hit me really hard the last 2 years and I have to.

I'll upload photos later.

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You're not gonna like my answer, however; with the soft used guns market and the non standard chambering, I would hesitate to say you'll get much more than 1000-1100. I could get a brand new DI 5.56 REC7 off GunBroker for $1500+/- while another couple listings are asking north of $2k but they probably won't sell. You might make more selling the rifle and ammo separately, though you could get a buyer faster offering the package....
I tried to sell a Wilson 6.8SPC a while back. With the soft used market and a funny round, I don't think you'll get that you want out of it. I even severely discounted it just to get it off of my hands, but no takers. This was all in new condition by the way.

You may have better luck in the North part of the state.
I look at it a bit differently. Much like a P.O.F. rifle, a Barrett is a quality rifle that, if you sell, down the road you will wish you hadn't. The 6.8 is no longer produced, but I'd promote it as a a clean high-end rifle with the buyer getting first choice to buy the ammo. Take quality pictures of it.

My take? -- Do not low ball it. Serious bids only GLWS

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