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Help me date this sporter?

Just to satisfy my curiosity. Hoping some of you more seasoned guys can help me pin down the approximate build date of this sporter Mosin mutt based on the components used.
Looks to have started life as a 1936 Izhevsk hex 91/30. None of the numbers match between the receiver, bolt, and floor plate. No import marks.
Given the stock, sights, overall look, any rough idea of when it might have been scabbed together?

20191006_135839.jpg 20191006_131612.jpg 20191006_131545.jpg 20191006_133054.jpg 20191006_133110.jpg 20191006_135903.jpg
70’s style, I should imagine. Maybe done piecemeal over a few decades. Beautiful front sight ramp, aluminum Williams rear is pretty utilitarian, but lacks the refinement of the front in my opinion. Honestly, it could have been built 40 years ago or last week with old stock parts. I used my last Bishop stock a year or two ago...

Nice looking example of a hobby sporter!
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I guess that's entirely possible. It was a complete impulse buy. It was absolutely filthy and I've only cleaned it superficially. The bore is only medium bright and I haven't even shot it yet to comment on accuracy. I realize alllll of the collector value is gone but it looked like someone loved it at some point. Action is among the smoothest I've felt on a Mosin. It was stuffed behind a couple other really bubba'd Mosins in the rack. I would have walked right past it if the seller hadn't been trying so hard to sell the others. Figured $100 was a safe enough gamble. I just have a soft spot for neglected stuff that looks like someone's grandpa used to carry.
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The info on the top w/ SN, etc, is on the barrel itself.

If you pull it out of the stock the last 2 #s of the mfg date of the rcvr are underneath on the rear of the tang.

I have a sportered New England Westinghouse, or Maybe a Remy,
that was sportered a long time ago, and the smith that did it spent a lot of time doing it..

This could be a fun thread subject...

Post your Pics of Faunky Sporter jobs..:):cool:
Here’s a thread I started for funky sporters. For you @Nibbs...




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