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    I have a couple gaming computers that need a good home.

    The laptop is an ASUS G50VT. This laptop was used for some gaming and alot of C++ coding. It was extrememly well taken care of. It does have an almost unnoticable skuff in the lid from a sub par laptop bag. When it was transported it was always moved in a laptop backpack. It was also cleaned with a soft rag on a regular basis to keep the lid, screen, and key pad area clean. There is no wear on the palm rests. Minor wear on the touch pad area.

    15.6" display at 1366x768
    Code 2 Duo at 2.13GHz but has Asus Direct Console installed that allows for control of the lid lights, OLED display and CPU speeds up to 2.35GHz at the touch of a button.
    4GB RAM
    320GB 7200RPM HDD, space for a second SATA hard drive.
    nVidia 9800m GS 512MB video card ( MXM technology )
    Has Asus Express Gate, allows for booting to internet access in some 10 or 15 seconds at the touch of a button.
    Windows 7 Pro


    IMG_0242.jpg IMG_0241.jpg

    The desktop is a custom desktop. I have had this case for years and it has had at least a couple different builds in it. I am not sure of the manufacturer of the case, I have heard from a good number of people that they think it may be older Alienware. The case has some blue fans and a big alien head plexiglass window in the side.

    Phenom X4 9500 at 2.2GHz
    XFX 750a SLI motherboard
    4GB OCZ SLI certified RAM
    700 watt OCZ SLI certified power supply
    nVidia GTX 460 768MB primary video card
    nVidia 9500GT 1GB video card used as a physix card.
    Toolless drive removal/installation for all disk drives and hard drives in the case
    8 USB ports
    8 channel audio capable, I only used 6 channels for audio.
    Fan controller for up to 4 fans and 4 temperature probes
    CD/DVD burner with light scribe


    IMG_0245.jpg IMG_0244.jpg

    I also have an OCZ Equalizer gaming mouse. I have had it on the desktop for a bit now but never liked it as much as my other mouse. it is a 2500 DPI mouse according to OCZ with a button that will act as double click in windows or 3-rnd burst in games.



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