Front sight considers hiring new instructor

Its a gimmick to get people to respond to the question, for marketing leads in selling training at front site. If you respond, I am sure you will get lots of email and junk mail at your residence from front site.( not saying that is a good thing, not saying that is a bad thing, just sayin.) also i dont know if people know this, but i believe the founder,Dr. Ignatius Piazza was a dr. of dentistry before he founded frontsite. just sayin. :)
Yeah, I got that email too & watched the videos... scaaaaary...
Though the point was that there was no way in hizzle that they'd hire the guy. I'm really considering taking their 4-day pistol course, but totally agree that FS is not shy about marketing! And sure have heard good stuff about the courses. Funny, my brother is a 'Doctor' too, but in Choral Music... and he was top marksman in his airforce flight... and he bears an uncanny resemblance to Dr. Piazza... hmmm I've never seen the 2 of 'em in the same room at the same time! Could it be??:s0131:

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