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    in addition to the rifle I also bought a magneto speed V3. The thing is really cool, but what I am finding in my loads is that they differ from mfg reloading data for same projectile etc. I am off about 200 ft/s in some scenarios - others perhaps more.

    Lower End:
    1 (168 grn HPBT) 33.7 grains of LT-32 me -> 2083 - Accurate LoadData -> 2349 (at 33.7)
    2 (168 grn HPBT) 33.7 grains of LT-32 me -> 2183 - Accurate LoadData -> 2349 (at 33.7)

    Upper End:
    1 (168 grn HPBT) 37.3 grains of LT-32 me -> 2388 - Accurate LoadData -> 2555 (at 37.5)
    2 (168 grn HPBT) 37.3 grains of LT-32 me -> 2372 - Accurate LoadData -> 2555 (at 37.5)

    Also the characteristics of the loads did pretty much what I thought in terms of response to increased or decreased pressure except in a few scenarios where the bullet seemed to travel faster with less pressure than its neighboring step up. Considering the rifle is new - is it a waste of time trying to work up loads at this point until the barrel is fully broke in or should I continue?

    opinions would be helpful.

    On another note I am very happy with the rifle and scope setup. they did very well - the shooter and loads need work. once all three of us come together we'll have a lot to talk about.


    I bought a rifle scope for my ruger 10/22 - I got 3 shots out of it before the cross hairs swiveled 45 degrees in the scope. When you look in the scope you see an X not a +

    lucky me.

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