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Do I want to know?
These two idiots got on the "destroy your AR-15 cuz gunz r bad" kick a few years ago. Mighta been after the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida back in 2018. You remember, where that a-hole David "Camera" Hogg got his 15 minutes.

Anyway, these two chuckleheads decided that they were going to cut up their ARs and film it and put it on YouTube so they could virtue-signal to all of their Leftist and anti-gun friends that they were so pious and righteous because they destroyed their ARs as a show of solidarity with the Parkland kids. What they didn't seem to realize was that by cutting the barrel off the AR to less than 16", they just illegally created a SBR, without any NFA paperwork to legally allow that. Buncha phuq'n knuckleheads. :rolleyes: I hope they both went to jail over it. But as @Dr Pepper noted, they probably got a pass, cuz they destroyed a couple of guns.
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Don't really need to go to Hong Kong to see this, just about anywhere will do.


Dr Prepper

Eh, Angelina and Scarlett give her a run for her money.
That reaction is not "useful info" its more they are more like useful tools/woke queens.

I don't ever remember Milla Preachin' about anything, Which elevates her to me.
The other Mila aint bad either but she needs to pump up her "rooky #'s" lol.

Now back to memes! Before we upset Cigars (again ;))
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