Finally the great gun buy off 2013 is over, now if only prices and ammo would follow.

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by PDXoriginal, Jun 30, 2013.

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    The Hillsboro Gun show was the third show I have attended that I noticed guns weren't flowing out the door. People were actually looking for deals and not just to buy any gun for the sake of buying one. Unfortunately most dealers just don't get this yet and I couldn't help laugh at some of the prices still. I was surprised to see some hot items on the tables like M&P Shields, but after seeing the price tags it was clear why they weren't moving.

    Props to Little Bear Gun Shop, they were selling at PRE panic prices!

    Boos to Northwest Armory, they used to be my go to gun store, but now their prices are even higher than Gun Broker.

    Fact is, the craze is over and majority of us are not willing to pay over MSRP for a gun which is a obvious cause of slowing sales. Get with it dealers! But I will admit there is one item I am willing to pay MSRP or a little over MSRP for (within reason!)... the KSG.

    I have a feeling towards the end of summer, going into Fall we will see pre panic prices and inventory across the board. Have patience people and SHOP AROUND, prices will continue to fall and stabilize, this is after all capitalism at its best and how we as consumers can drive down prices on our own, again shop around and use restraint.

    There is one thing to keep in mind, the next elections or a mass shooting will drive prices high again, if there is something you want, BUY IT while it's cheap again. Heck I made a must impulse buy list , if I come across something on the list that is a REASONABLE price I am buying it without another thought.

    Now Ammo.... I don't see anything changing any time soon. Supply is still a problem and as a consumable you'll have people hoarding it.
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    I talked to one dealer there yesterday who was complaining it was slow. He said they "need Obama to say something so guns start selling again". I said we've had enough of that for a while. Information and panic travel so fast now that many people are like day traders with anything in their possession. They spot these bubbles, get into them and hope to get out without busting...
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    Good, maybe I can find the Kimber I've been looking for!

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